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  • May 1, 2021, 1:54 p.m.
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George drove me around to the BIG mall yesterday. I had bought what I thought was a leather backpack, and I’ve been sorely disappointed. It’s peeling.

I’ve been looking up leather backpacks on line, and frankly, I cannot tell what the leather is like from a photograph. Since I wanted a really good, once in a lifetime backpack, I started my trip with a phone call to Bobbie. She gave me a list of her favorite brands.

None of these makes had decent backpacks. Yesterday, Macy’s first. They had seemingly thousands of purses and backpacks. They even had a Michael Kors in the right color, withh lots of zippered pockets, and on sale. The sales person was tremendously helpful. Nordies next. Not even one in men’s here. Finally, just for grins, we whipped into Needless Markup. They had a whole floor of purses, but no backpacks.

Off to the park with my camera now.

woman in the moon May 01, 2021

Pretty flower. Lily, I think?
I decluttered my last purse - leather and tasteful to me - had hung in the closet for over 30 years. I'm still not sure I made the right decision. I didn't feel any joy. Still don't.

Marg May 02, 2021

How frustrating!

IpsoFacto May 02, 2021

I have this leather backpack and love it. I have used only it when doing long weekends etc. It has also been all over Europe and Iceland with me.

Zipster May 02, 2021

You do have to be careful these days. Sometimes, it is leather, but bonded leather, which means it is thin and adhered to a backing, from which it falls off. Had an ottoman like that, learned my lesson. I hope you find what you are looking for.

MageB Zipster ⋅ May 03, 2021

I did. I went back yesterday and got the Kors.

Adventure before Dementia May 02, 2021

Thanks for this, I won't be buying a leather backpack!

NorthernSeeker May 03, 2021

I had a canvas backpack through my 20s...I did buy it in San Francisco which gave it a certain cachet. A couple years ago I bought a grey one with padded shoulders and it is much more comfortable than my original.

Jinn 3 days ago

Coach makes wonderful ones but they are pricey .

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