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  • April 3, 2021, 4:57 p.m.
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While we were out hiding from Marta Friday, this Navy ship came home. Can anyone tell me what the blue flag is? It says SFA*? 1941 Thanks.

I confess, I have gained enough weight these last few months to:
Not fit into any of my clothes
Be one of those slow walking old folks
Can’t get anywhere folks too

It’s AA Spring Round Up time, and I have been to the Ice Cream Social Via ZOOM….with extra whipped cream. I duplicated the fudge Sunday they serve as best I could with a small amount of ice cream and a generous amount of whipped cream and fudge. I’ve been to a couple of meeting with some really nice folks who had horrific stories. That was ok too. They left me with a grin.

Today, himself took himself off to work and the museum. Yes, the Automotive Museum is open. There’s a new museum director - the second since Poolie died. His uniform fits again. And he was very happy to go.

THE FLAG: The ship is the USS John Finn. The flag is in honor of John Finn, and he was one of the last of the Pearl Harbor survivors: 1941.

  • Himself: Showered and off he went.
  • Myself: I’m going to finish this and quilt for a while.
  • Reading: The last Gamache.
  • Watching: AA on my computer.
  • Photo: Mine
  • Gratitude’s: That I am here to talk with you.

Last updated April 06, 2021

Narrator April 03, 2021

Flags were always the part in Carmen Sandiego that I was terrible at.
I like your idea of more topping, less ice cream.

Zipster April 04, 2021

I googled SFA 1941 and it came up with a Stephen F. Austin State University, the sent a lot of their student body to the war effort. Don't know if that it is or not.
I don't remember the last time I had ice cream, sounds yummy!

Marg April 05, 2021

Not sure about the flag but in googling it, it led me to a fascinating page on flag naval communication which kept me entertained for a good 15 minutes! :)

NorthernSeeker April 06, 2021

I ate too much yesterday and I don't feel great today because of it. I keep reminding myself that this could be the first day for improvement. Relative improvement.

Jinn April 24, 2021

We all indulge at times or at least I know I do :-) Glad you are here with us too !

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