Short good things in These titles mean nothing.

  • March 18, 2021, 5:19 p.m.
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  1. I’m glad the US is able and willing to share Covid vaccine with our continental neighbors.

  2. I’d like to have a serious talk about sex workers. Asian or otherwise. Are they a good thing? Are they needed? Are they safe? Who are they? Any of us ever or still resort to sex for pay?

  3. Sunny today. Our recent snow is turning into mud. I almost got stuck on the paved, perfectly flat, slushy snow covered tire place parking lot last night when we picked up the Ice Cream Truck from having its tires rotated. Good thing the Buick was still wearing its Vietnamese snow tires.

  4. Jim called on his way home from his exotic dentistry. His face is still frozen but he sounded ok. Now I’m waiting for Jim to call to signal his approach to town so I can take the Joana truck into the muffler place to bring Jim home from leaving the Buick for its muffler replacement. Muffler was still on warranty so we don’t have to pay as much as it could have been.

  5. That was his call. So, I gotta go. Might be back later. No guarantees.

noko March 18, 2021

Glad Jim had his dental work done and hope the sun is cheering even if it does bring mud. The sex worker question is so complicated. But then I think Capitalism is too. :)

ConnieK March 18, 2021 (edited March 18, 2021)


The Asian nail salons in Florida are most often a front for sex trafficking, which is at an all-time high. Legalizing prostitution doesn't seem to have solved much, except, perhaps Nevada? It will not cut the underage trafficking and yes, it IS all about supply and demand.

However. Most of these women prostitute themselves to support their pimp or their drug habit or both. Maybe if we diverted (not "defund" which is a terrible word in and of itself) some police dollars to effective prevention we could lower the numbers.

I have never slept with a man for money but I understand that some women need better pay than MacDonald's is handing out and some women do it for love, but they're all doing it for survival.

NorthernSeeker March 19, 2021

It's very welcome news that the US is going to lend 1.5 million doses of Astrazenica vaccine to Canada and 2.5 million doses to Mexico. The faster we can vaccinate people the more lives will be saved. Thank you US!

Sex trade workers need protection. Every year lives are lost to predatory clients and disease. The clients need protection too.

Marg March 19, 2021

I hope Jim’s mouth heals well. The sex worker industry is a controversial subject but I think when you know individual stories you can understand it better. Folk are simply trying to survive a lot of the time.

Serin March 21, 2021

Conceptually, I feel like transactional sex would be a good thing because there's an outlet. Practically, I feel like I'd be too shy to ever go near it.

Which sets aside the bigger issues of trafficking about which I know only what I've read here and there and i'm not sure I've built an opinion of my own yet. Seems like it would trap the women if they get arrested for being victims. But would that make them feel free to try to escape? Could it shrink the demand by reducing the size of that market?

Jinn April 20, 2021

I do not think we need the sex workers . It’s just too connected to trafficking . There is too much importance placed on sex in this country in my opinion. Consensual sex between adults ; no problem ; what so ever , no matter who .I do not judge. However there is way too much tolerance of trafficking, pedophilia, and rape. Anyone convicted of those things should be put to death. In my opinion. I have no tolerance for it at all.

Jinn April 20, 2021

I am glad we are sharing the vaccines . I hope it’s positive for all of us.

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