• March 8, 2021, 12:37 p.m.
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Who influenced you? Who was important in your life/

For me, it was my friend Joleen K. McPherson.
She was a mentor, a friend and a dooer. She volunteered out in the community, with special emphasis on Planned Parenthood. She encouraged artists to do their best and supported them on all levels. She taught Montessori school too. She cared. She loved us. And we loved her back.

Abritelight March 08, 2021

You said so incredibly much in very few words. We all need a Joleen in our lives.

Marg March 09, 2021

We all need someone like that in our lives! :)

NorthernSeeker March 09, 2021

Joleen is a great role model.

Jinn March 13, 2021

Sounds like she was a wonderful woman.

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