Anal Leakage in just testing

  • Feb. 24, 2021, 11:15 a.m.
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So Will is still dealing with his anal fissure (cut) thing that was probably caused by his constipation issues (which he still has).

He says he still feels pain, burning, itchiness on the inside that he can’t do anything about. You may not remember but he’s had this issue for months but the like a month ago he did an enema to himself (which he’s done before) and that cause him EXTREME pain which is what made us find a butt doctor to begin with.

The doc gave him external cream - I really can’t tell you what an external cream was supposed to do and while it gave him some relief, it didn’t cure it. Then he bought his own cream off amazon and the same thing. There was some relief but it didn’t cure it.

So he had his follow up and told the doc that the problem is still there. So the doc said the best option is to get a botox shot (I dunno if internal or external).

I thought that botox tightens up a face but from Will said, the doc said it will relax the muscles so more blood can get there to heal the cut BUT it will probably cause months of anal leakage....

He’s gonna do it. Because he wants the issue to stop. But I have NO IDEA how we’re gonna deal with anal leakage… Like, does he need a pad? Diaper? Special undies? How much leakage are we talking about? For how long?

The doc only said probably so maybe he won’t get it at all…

I’m trying to obsess over it cause I feel bad he’s going through this issue at all. I know it’s a serious issue if he’s willing to take the side effects for relief…

Has anyone else gone through this?

lessoff February 24, 2021

botox does relax muscles, so i can see how it would have anal leakage. hopefully he wont have that issue.

ninakir88 February 24, 2021


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