GRATEFUL in Postcards 4

  • Feb. 1, 2021, 12:58 p.m.
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Another month.

I’m doing pretty good, but my fingers are not. Yesterday I had to have George type in passwords as I made hash out of typing. Today I discovered that I didn’t follow directions and type in my email address either. The form didn’t want my name which I had so carefully typed in. I got a nice tech kid who didn’t say a cross word to me when he told me to put my email address in.

Once I typed in my email address, The PET scan results were very clear. Whewww… No metastasis anywhere. I have enlarged lymph nodes here and there, plus my heart is calcified. I’m sure my heart doctor will leap on that.

Yesterday, while I mistyped everything, our world was surrounded by a stunning wall of white. Above that were lined up rows of Cumulus clouds called cloud streets. They are formed when “wind shear causes horizontal circulation in the atmosphere, producing the long, tubular cloud streets. They generally form during high-pressure systems, such as after a cold front.” And we certainly have been suffering a cold front.

  • Himself: He did his yearly physical yesterday, except for that, he has been focused on his new space game.
  • Myself: Feeling encouraged now that I have read the test results.
  • Family: My cousin Tom, and there are three of us in my generation, suffered a TIA. The doc said he was in remarkable shape for his age, 88, and will let him go home today. Margot, whose temperature is down, can no longer smell.
  • Reading: Finally finished the Longmire’s and on to more Bowen.
  • Watching: 60 Minutes and All Creatures Greaat and Small.
  • Foods: Foods: The low income meals lost their funding. Our free dinners are gone.
  • Cloud links: <For kids.)
  • Photo: George. My hair was doing whatever it wanted to. He cut it all off later.

  • Gratitude’s: No more metastasis at this moment.

Last updated February 01, 2021

gattaca February 01, 2021

No metastasis anywhere.
Thank God! That is fantastic news.
I've also got some artery calcification. Getting older is not for the timid.

Marg February 01, 2021

Oh that's pretty good news from the results - great to hear! I agree with Polly - I've never seen a photo of you without that lovely smile and you know what they say - a smile is the prettiest thing you can wear :)

Zipster February 01, 2021

Great to hear that there are no metastasis anywhere. May it remain so. How nice too to have a patient techie help. Thanks for the cloud info.

aunty EM February 02, 2021

Very good news!!!!

Jinn February 03, 2021

Wonderful news !!! So glad !
Are you loving “ All Creatures Great and Small “? I am.

Narrator February 03, 2021

That's wonderful news - I'm so happy for you. And I agree with gypsy and Marg. :)

NorthernSeeker February 03, 2021

Yay for the good test results!

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