How would you handle this Covid situation? in just testing

  • Nov. 19, 2020, 8:32 p.m.
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Since the start of Covid I have been visiting my parents and my husbands parents. All of them are quarantining enough that I’m not afraid to go there.

Me and my husband were absolutely planning on going to both families for thanksgiving because I’ve been having regular dinner with all of them all year long. No extra people are coming.

But now my MIL says the tenant upstairs has Covid. I don’t know how long she’s had it but she told them today she’s positive.

The tenant has a separate entrance/front door but I believe they share a mailbox with my in laws. I also know they use the same fence door as my in laws to get in and out of the property.

The tenant doesn’t work and my in laws don’t work so it’s not like they’re both touching the fence multiple times a day but I imagine they both check the mailbox daily.

I don’t think I want to go to my in laws for thanksgiving after hearing this news. But my husband is insistent that he is going. His parent still want us to come. So even if I don’t go to thanksgiving at my in laws I could possibly still get it.

IF my in laws have it and my husband goes over and get it, it’s totally possible I could get it from him in our own home after thanksgiving…

If that’s the case should I just go to my in laws for thanksgiving anyway since everyone’s acting (my husband and his parents) like they’re gonna be all disappointed if I don’t go?

I have told my in laws to get tested but they’re old, disabled, immune compromised, etc. so I don’t know if they’re gonna go, even if the test is free, and I can’t force them.

What would you do?

Lunchbox November 19, 2020

All I know is that's it's surprisingly easy to catch Covid. Whatever you decide, just be careful.

|amphetamine| November 19, 2020

i've read there is not much risk of transmission when touching inanimate surfaces - the virus cannot survive very long (minutes at most) once it's no longer aerosolized - it needs to be in a host to stay alive.

i would be more concerned whether the tenant breathes the same air as they do... is the HVAC all the same? that would be the real danger due to the aerosolized particles

sedentary |amphetamine| ⋅ November 20, 2020

I imagine it is the same but not sure. I think it's what's called a mother daughter house where there are two separate homes - two kitchens, etc. but within the same building/structure.

sedentary |amphetamine| ⋅ November 20, 2020

I asked them and they said not the HVAC isn't the same so I guess that's a relief for them,

|amphetamine| sedentary ⋅ November 20, 2020

yeah i think they're pretty safe!

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