NJM 2020, Entry 6 - Too Close to Call? in These Foolish Things

  • Nov. 6, 2020, 12:39 p.m.
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It’s coming down to a nail-biter, isn’t it? But I do have to tell you that I’m feeling better and better by the minute. Is it truly going to happen? Will we get that insane orange motherfucker out of office?

And yes, I do realize that kicking him out of office is going to rattle a lion’s cage full of evil lunatics and proud boys who are standing by, but seriously, just get him out of office. It’s a step in the right direction.

Dinner with The Bulldog last night was actually really, really nice. It was 100% friendly and just like the good ol days. He looks really, really good. That man ages so beautifully. And he wasn’t doing his usual sad sack routine. I suggested this place that’s totally out of the way. I’d never been there before but saw on Instagram that it has a beautiful patio for outdoor dining and it was dog friendly.

Turned out to be a beautiful evening. Great venue, really fantastic conversation, good food and a couple of glasses of bubbly. We always had good convo, regardless of our feelings for each other. I can’t believe I fell in love with him way back when, but then again I can. Such an interesting dude.

Speaking of interesting/odd dudes, I haven’t heard from Nort the Woo in a couple of days now. Newsflash, Nort…silence is not wooing! Don’t get me wrong, I’m not mad that he’s not on top of his woo game. It’s just that if he really wanted to woo, he’s going about it the wrong way. You don’t make your woo-ee do the work! Like, I’m not driving 2 hours out of the way to go to dinner at your place. And I’m certainly not going to spend the night without even having squishy feelings for you.

Well, the weekend is nigh and I realize that I have no plans. I think this could be a good thing - maybe catch up on online holiday shopping, continue the purge for the move, continue researching neighborhoods, take some nice long walks in the beautiful weather we are supposed to have. And of course, go visit the fam on Sunday. I almost can’t believe that I’ve been visiting them every week for…what, eight months now? Wow.

Better roll. I promised a friend’s kid that I’d listen to his spiel regarding his financial management gig. I don’t plan on changing my financial advisor, but since this kid (he’s 23 now…) is the son of one of my guardian angels and was such a sweet one back in the day, I gotta give him a listen on a zoom call. I’m going to do this while I take my lunchtime walk, and it’s in a few minutes.

Hopefully my next entry will be all about the good news (trying not to jinx it).

Happy Friday everyone,

Complicated Disaster November 06, 2020

Wooooooo-eeeeeeeeee!! hehe. The dude really needs harder to win the top prize!! xx

Marg November 07, 2020

I’m very glad to see that the numbers are looking much more hopeful now! :)

Jinn November 08, 2020

Trump has lost. It’s a start !

pandora November 11, 2020

I would be nervous about handing over my money to a 23-year-old to manage, but after seeing the returns my guys are getting (they're 30) in the world of liquid alts/hedge funds, I would definitely give the spiel a listen!

Ginger Snap pandora ⋅ November 11, 2020

Right? And they are super smart. Funny thing is, I watched the Wolf of Wall Street again over the weekend and ...yowza!!

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