Magistrate Day in Book Seven: Reconstruction 2020

  • Oct. 8, 2020, 11:58 a.m.
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Today is Magistrate Day so… I’ve been in court. Getting nothing done. And as I’ve been quarantining… I have noticed something.

(1) My drinking is fluctuating. :( Some days, I’ll be good and drink one alcoholic beverage or none. Other days, I’ll drink four or five. I know that it might not be something to worry about necessarily but… if I want to get healthy (physically and mentally) then hitting the hard liquor four to five times a night is NOT the way to do it.

(2) NOT requiring myself to get all of things done before bed is… helpful. Like… the kitchen still isn’t cleaned. But every night, I’ve emptied the dishwasher… filled it back up… and run it. And the kitchen gets a little more clean each day. And I can do Dog Walk, Play w/Dog, Clean Kitchen, Play with Dog, Video Games. Instead of spending the entire night on THAT chore. So that’s good.

So… it breaks even? Doing bad things for my help while also readdressing and fixing other bad things?? Ultimately, whenever I can muster the motivation and the time… I need to go through the house and (a) specifically set aside more Nancy things… because November is soon and she hasn’t come back for them… I need to hold firm and hold fast with those dates; (b) thoroughly de-bachelor the place. SOME of that is trying to figure out what to do with some of the pictures in my house. Like… the Wedding Photos have been taken down since February but… there is a collage photo from Hawaii. It shows the octopus playing with me, the seahorse curling his tail around my fingers, swimming with the turtles, visiting King Kamehameha’s statue… but it also has a picture of the Nancy and I (it looks like a Just Friends pose but it is still a picture of the two of us) and there’s also a picture of the “Happy Anniversary” dessert we got at that nice restaurant. So I should probably take that down but that is going to make me sad because… having a giant picture of an octopus grabbing my hand was fun to have. :p Then after I figure out “this room needs pictures or personality” and get through the furniture shopping and moving (which is going to be tough as the basement stairs are NOT designed well for getting furniture downstairs)… then I need to make sure I start to actually buy food for my fridge… and make food… and eat food. lol.

hippiechica15 October 08, 2020

Yay for loading and running the dish washer consistently!! Keep that up!!

With the drinking, I'd try giving yourself a two-drink a night limit or something. So it's not all or nothing, but there is a limit. That was helpful to me when I wanted to cut back on mindless beer drinking.

Catleesi October 08, 2020

Why not cut out the octopus part or the parts you like and frame it?

Always Laughing October 08, 2020

Switch out the photos if you can. Keep up the daily progress and each day you'll prb get a little more done.

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