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  • Aug. 5, 2020, 4:52 p.m.
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This is all about the light and the fact that the sunflower in the pandemic overgrown garden at the natural medicine school is the first I have seen this season. The local pumpkins are getting big in the dry heat.

I took Charity down there on a walk Monday, sharing some of the things I found walking with Most Honorable a few weeks back. When we walk, we are like a human jigsaw puzzle, she wanders around on her own or with others collecting information about the neighborhood and so do I and then we walk together and share it. Little different tidbits. Putting the puzzle together.

It has been two full months since I have been to the grocery store in person. Our Covid-19 case counts are high for us (about 10 times more cases than in March and April) but our deaths are relatively steady now. Next week we will have basically been in full lockdown for 5 months.

Some hair salons are open and food carts are doing a pretty good business but other than say groceries and big box stores nothing is open. The Clinics and hospitals are seeing a reduced number of patients. My dentist has not rescheduled my last cleaning and it has been since January.

We are still planning on going to the beach for 4 days in October. The rental is available with protocols.

Mr. Sherlock didn’t sleep much at all last Friday night, it was really hot here and they live in a place built in 1902 so we canceled our garden lunch last Saturday.

This next Sunday is Most Honorable’s birthday and they are going to come up here to celebrate with a friend. They are going to visit here first and then drive me over to the Sherlock’s. Masks all around.

Even with the structure of teaching two classes a week, as well as recording one, all the prep that goes into that I have absolutely no idea what day it is anymore.

Charity is going to take me to the grocery on Friday morning. I am having some trouble getting certain groceries. This poor woman, totally frazzled shopping three orders, clearly desperate for the work delivered the most important thing I ordered to someone else on Sunday morning. I looked in my bag before she left and handed her the bottle of salad dressing that I did not order and would not use that someone else ordered. I ended up having to get another delivery Monday and there were problems with that order.

I am not getting charged for what I don’t get but I do pay a delivery fee and tip.

Since I was last at the store, we now have a mandatory mask order so I should be fine. Charity has an N95 mask to wear in the car and we can open windows.

Things have calmed down since the Feds started keeping a much lower profile, but we are still having demonstrations every day. As a counterbalance we have a new baby boy red panda at our zoo that we are all swooning over at a distance.

Today is the 8-week mark for the elimination diet for the cats. I have an email out to the vet asking why it might be worth going another 4 weeks.

I saw a local video the other day of two fox cubs playing with a plastic drainage pipe. People are seeing hawks and owls and all sorts of other wildlife still even though traffic is most definitely up.

There has been some extra human wildlife around as well. The managers of my place say they are contracting to get cameras up. We have outdoor plugs that work and certain individuals are charging their cell phones and scaring the heck out of the rest of us. We had a dumpster set on fire too, in an area that could have caused a lot of damage. Someone in the complex put it out.

It is hard to believe that things could get more difficult but for a lot of folks it is.

My heart aches for those injured and that have lost loved ones in Lebanon. In the middle of a pandemic!

Last night I watched two youngish men in a jeep type vehicle going up my street from the kitchen window. The driver was using a lighter to light a drug pipe as he was driving.

It is days like that I am actually glad I am staying mostly inside talking to and interacting with people I love and experiencing both deliberate and random acts of kindness.

We all sure are due a dose of good news and more frolicking fox cubs and things that make us laugh.

Jinn August 05, 2020

Life is a little crazy these days :-( you never know what you will see . 😂

noko Jinn ⋅ August 05, 2020

It does seem like there is a general undertone of anxiety everywhere. I hope the young folks are having fun anyway.

Jinn noko ⋅ August 05, 2020

Their having fun is proving dangerous for them in lots of places :-(

Kristi1971 August 05, 2020

Yes, I think it would be really nice to get some good news. A part of me is weary...most of me is not. I tend to focus on the part that is not.

Marg August 06, 2020

Well that photo certainly made me smile through all the madness - thank you Miss Sunflower! We were doing so well recently but have had an outbreak this week of 50-60 cases from a pub in the city so are back in lockdown for a week at least - maybe longer if necessary. I knew opening the pubs back up wasn’t a good move - rules and alcohol do not mix!

noko Marg ⋅ August 06, 2020

I was just listening to Dr. Fauci (our main Public Health guy) in an interview from yesterday say that if we all wear masks, practice physical distancing, avoid crowds, maintain hand hygiene, outdoor is better than indoor and stay away from bars we can get this thing under control. It is a hard lesson.

Here we have these classic and at the time quite revolutionary bubbler water fountains from around the time of the last pandemic to encourage laborers to stop drinking alcohol and drink fresh cool water instead. Of course they have all been turned off now because of risk of infection.

Marg noko ⋅ August 08, 2020

Oh my goodness labourers were allowed to drink alcohol while working?? That would be a sackable offence here!

noko Marg ⋅ August 09, 2020

Yeah, alcohol is basically what most adults drank here during the early days of creating a city out of the Native's land. One can understand the temperance movement a lot more in that context. It did get us running water pretty early too.

IpsoFacto August 06, 2020

The first thing I saw was your photo and I smiled. Sent a message to me that said, in the midst of darkness and shadow there’s always a bright spot of hope. I think that I am very much a visual person as opposed to an auditory person. It was as if the photo itself was speaking to me. Thank you for sharing it.

Zipster August 06, 2020

Time at the beach, what a wonderful thing to look forward to. Can't you just smell the fresh sea air? The brisk wind on your face? The rhythm of the waves soothing you to sleep?

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