My Second Favorite F word! in My life....I can't make this shit up!

  • July 10, 2020, 3:55 p.m.
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I’m so glad it’s the weekend because I am OVER IT!! Yesterday was obnoxiously frustrating just dealing with this one Case Manager and the shit she pulls. She claimed she has had 10 years of experience, but she asks questions greener than a kid we hired right out of college. Ugh.
Then today, another case manager resigned immediately. No notice. I’m not surprised. And truthfully I’m happy. I could not stand her! I didn’t even know her well, but from the time her and her cousin started (they were hired together) they were never team players and secluded themselves from the rest of the teams. The cousin left without notice in January, so I’m not surprised this one did the same thing now. Good Riddens! We had to distribute her caseload across all of the other case managers, which is a pain in the ass. Of course I get five of the most difficult cases. Guess it comes with the territory. Anyway, I look through my five and am blown away by how out of compliance these charts are. I send an e-mail to everyone telling them to check, and double check, their charts because if my five were bad, I’m afraid to find out how the other 25 are!
I have to say I have been enjoying working from home again. As crazy as I go being home and inside all day it’s nice to take my time and get some other things (like laundry and online grocery shopping) done. Today I decided I wanted Zoodles for lunch, but I couldn’t find my veggie spiralizer. I looked all over the kitchen and even sent Brian a text asking if he knew where it was. As a last resort I busted out my apple peeler/spiraler. I sweat the zucchini slices, chop my last onion and tomato, and start making my lunch. That is until my balsamic bottle decided to explode in my hand and spew balsamic glaze all over the pan, rendering my delicious lunch inedible :( Oh, I was so upset. And I still want damn zucchini!!! I haven’t had anything to eat today. At this point Brian should be off work in about an hour, after he gets home we’ll order dinner.
I ordered myself a new spiralizer from Amazon today. I have the small handheld one that was on TV forever ago and now you can find in the “As seen on TV” section at walmart or walgreens. That one works great (when I can find it) but I’ve been trying to eat more healthy choices and I have carpal tunnel so the repetitive motion of the little one doesn’t agree well with my wrists. The one I ordered sticks to the counter and has a handle to crank. It also has a curly fry blade, which my guys will like very much. It has good reviews so I’m excited.
Tomorrow I’ll head up to the produce stand and get some more fresh produce before going to walmart to pick up our groceries. We don’t really have much of anything else planed for this weekend. Friends of our have flown in from Arizona with their one year old, they want to meet up some time this weekend. I’m not sure how I feel about that considering both Arizona and Florida have high confirmed cases. I definitely do not want them in our house, so maybe we can meet up at a beach or something for a while. Part of me is hoping they’ll cancel at the last minute anyway. The Less peopling the better!
Cam is spending the night at my mother’s house tonight so it’s going to be a quiet childless night for us. Don’t go thinking we’re going to do anything exciting, we’ll bring home dinner and fall asleep watching TV.

Mr. Mofo July 10, 2020

Golly gee wiz lady, what's your first favorite f word?!?:)

Now I have to google what a spiralizer is. I suspect it has to do with cosmetics.

JennyAmi Mr. Mofo ⋅ July 10, 2020


A spiralizer takes veggies and turns them into long noodles. Healthy alternative to Spaghetti 🙂

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