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  • May 8, 2020, 3:11 p.m.
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It is a gorgeous day out, mild and clear and even with things opening up a bit, quiet.

Except the Oregon Air National Guard F-15 Eagles fly over this morning to honor health care workers and first responders. Man, were those planes loud in this quiet time. I can’t remember the last time I heard a plane, or a helicopter.

After much discussion about protocols and 8 full weeks, Kes and Most Honorable ventured out and drove up here to see the cats, me and drop off some lighting and computer things to facilitate teaching and enhance the experience of the new computer. We wore masks (mostly) and took separate blankets across the street to the park where we sprawled on the pesticide free grass and chatted.

It was so great to see them!

There is a plan now to go down one step with some partial openings next Friday, a week from now. Businesses have to apply with social distancing protocols to re-open and there will be a 10PM curfew. All of this is a little murky but it does seem like we have flattened the curve enough to at least try.

Not that Covid is going away.

Mrs. Sherlock was walking in a fairly affluent neighborhood with a couple of our hiking group buddies (properly distanced) a few days ago. She had Frieda and saw a woman wearring a mask getting closer with another dog and stepped to the side a bit. As the woman got within about 10ish feet she called out to the three of them, “I have the virus, I have Covid”.

Mrs. Sherlock said they were so stunned they just stopped dead in their tracks. And of course they are all polite and well trained but each of them was thinking…what the f..k are you doing out!!!

The woman, in her late 40’s or early 50’s explained that she was almost well and that being sick had been a truly horrible experience. Mrs. Sherlock didn’t say but it sounded like the woman was slightly traumatized by the whole thing. You can imagine being on your own and that sick…

But wow, just wow. One never knows but I for sure wouldn’t go out until I was fever free for a number of days and I sure wouldn’t announce it.

It is supposed to be another gorgeous day tomorrow before a week of rain so I am meeting Mrs. Sherlock and Frieda downtown tomorrow for a walk. Gingerly, very gingerly, we begin the dance of re-entry.

It sounds like the church is going to stay closed until September. I hope I have my webcam well before then.

My classes this last week were finally okay. They were a lot of work but more integrated and appropriate for the limited space available. And most of my students are paying for them.

My yoga business this calendar year has gone from operating at a loss to bringing in a little revenue. For a retired person this is good news. For a person who is operating in the middle of a pandemic it is a blessing of major proportions and I am really grateful.

I am making small donations where I can, to the food bank, to an amazing non-profit sourcing high-quality masks for health care workers and the like.

There is so much craziness and suffering out there. I hope we each in our own way can find a little lagoon of peace and steady ease in the midst of it.

I wish that for all of you. :)

Jinn May 09, 2020

That woman must have been extremely traumatized or mentally ill. That is just not appropriate behavior. As you said though I can not imagine being ill and suffering through it alone :-( . If she had not been over it for a couple weeks then she was still infectious :-( and had no business being out and about :-(
I am glad your classes are making some profit !
We are still sheltering in place here and have to wear masks when out . Going to the grocery store seems like a big outing :-)

Zipster May 09, 2020

I can't imagine it and yet two of my neighbors, one who had been seriously ill, with something else, were out walking their dog with no masks and heading out to brunch. I like them but I was a little shocked. I kept my distance. Every expert I've read says it isn't over and it will be back. It's one thing to flatten the curve, another to keep it flat. I keep searching for that lagoon and then you know who throws a rock in.

IpsoFacto May 09, 2020

As always, your entry is a sea of serenity for me. You are the most calm person I know. Thank you.

Marg May 10, 2020

Great news about the yoga classes - that must be hugely satisfying! And lovely that you got to meet up with Kes and Most Honorable after all those weeks :)
Can’t believe the COVID woman - what on earth possessed her to blurt that out??

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