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  • May 1, 2020, 11:45 p.m.
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Unless it is early in the morning and the cats have managed to get me awake at an absurd hour and I am hobbling into the kitchen to feed them it is true that I don’t move like, or particularly look like, I am almost 66. But there are telltale signs…

As far as my voice goes, I had a fabulous voice coach in San Francisco tell me that she thought the reason I sound significantly younger than I am is because I did not go to high school. Most of my high school years I either spent alone, or babysitting small children so I didn’t have the socialization process with my peers.

Also, I pretty much stopped talking during a few of those years for reasons that don’t particularly matter now other than how this all affected my voice.

But another factor is pretty subtle if you are looking at me via Zoom. It is the “enhance appearance” setting. It softens the look and evens out the skin tone. Mrs. Sherlock thought I was wearing makeup the other day.


But if you are working in Zoom and talking to anyone but your doctor I highly recommend that setting.

I was all mentally prepared for my new MacBook Air to arrive next Thursday. This morning when I was Zooming with Kes and Most Honorable I heard a knock on my inside door and when I looked out the window I saw a FedEx truck driving away.

He delivered my new computer a week early! I am so grateful he was able to leave it inside as well and that I heard the knock.

I had all this other stuff to do today, including voting in our vote by mail Primary. A great many of us are voting for Bernie even though he suspended his campaign and endorsed Biden. I want there to be delegates to agitate for “Medicare for All” at the convention…if and when there is a convention.

I went for a walk and there were a lot more people out. As a state we are doing comparatively well, about 60 or so new cases a day and 2 or 3 deaths but we are sandwiched between two states that have much much higher infection rates. People are getting restless and we don’t have an official you must wear a mask order.

Anyway as soon as I finish this I will open the fancy Apple package and take my shiny new toy out for it’s maiden voyage. Thank you stimulus money. No way would I have been able to afford this without it. I’ll need to buy Microsoft for Mac products to upload but I can manage that.

Mrs. Sherlock and I were going to meet downtown tomorrow morning and go for a walk up in the West Hills but it is supposed to rain and be cold and I don’t think I’ll mind staying at home and getting things set-up.

I don’t think Carlo will mind either… he did that towel arrangement all by himself

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Jinn May 02, 2020

Look at Carlo ! He is looking cozy :-)

Marg May 05, 2020

Thank you for that tip re Zoom - I’ll definitely be looking for that setting on Thursday! :)
Cats do cosy comfort so well :)

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