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It’s me, Asshole Jr. Sorry, I don’t call enough, and I doubt I ever will. I never have a phone and I always have disabling phone anxiety. I know anxiety is something you never understood, which i...

I’ve been wracking my brain how to write this one—how to approach it in a literary sense, translating my mental voice into words. I decided it would be easiest if I used a gimmick such as using ‘...

Dear #1, I met you in your youth. You were so callow and spry; your energy both smothered and infuriated me. Your recklessness caused me pain on occasion, but you were none the wiser, so I begru...

This book is in response to a challenge, in which you write letters to thirty targets. I have stapled a list of targets to the book description for efficiency and interested readers. The first ta...

October 20, 2016

Oops, Ranted in Vault of Personality

Rundown: There is this character on this game that I have been playing a lot of late, and he’s been on and off my mind. It is called Stardew Valley and I highly recommend it if you haven’t heard ...

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