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Oh y'know a little of this, a little of that. I am who I am, and I have reached the point in my life where I don't care what others think :)

"Big brother is watching you"

George Orwell 1984

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January 05, 2019

JVM 5 in JaVidMo 2019

Prompt: A video about opposites. And please don’t mind me. I’ve been up for over 24 hours. bleh.

January 04, 2019

JVM 4 in JaVidMo 2019

Prompt: 4. A video about one of your favorite memories.

January 03, 2019

JVM 3 in JaVidMo 2019

January 02, 2019

JVM 2 in JaVidMo 2019

Prompt: New years resolutions.

January 01, 2019

JVM 1 in JaVidMo 2019

Prompt: A video about myself.

December 31, 2018

DPM 31 in DePhoMo 2018

Prompt: Champagne Prompt: Party (yes that’s me with the Duran Duran shirt on lol)

December 31, 2018

A Question of Time in Every day scata

Depeche Mode 5:46 am Did I mention that HR called me while I was at Doc’s house on Friday? He called here at home first. Then my cell. I’m surprised he figured out how to get to the second numbe...

December 30, 2018

Running in the Night in Every day scata

FM-84 10:04 am I’m seriously having a hard time waking up in the morning. No matter what I do, I hit snooze and fall back to sleep. I can’t keep doing that! Grrr It’s still chilly out, but in a ...

December 30, 2018

DPM 30 in DePhoMo 2018

Bacon Day Dessert

INFORMATION Very basic and common sense. Respect others’ videos. No hateful comments are to be left. You will be blocked and reported. If you use a YouTube video, give credit where it’s due. PROM...

December 29, 2018

DPM 29 in DePhoMo 2018

Prompt: Pepper Pot Day Prompt: Sport

December 28, 2018

DPM 28 in DePhoMo 2018

National Card Playing Day Colorful

December 27, 2018

DPM 27 in DePhoMo 2018

Prompt: Career Prompt: Fruitcake day

December 27, 2018

DPM 26 in DePhoMo 2018

National Candy Cane Day Rough

December 26, 2018

DPM 26 in DePhoMo 2018

National Candy Cane Day Rough

December 25, 2018

DPM 25 in DePhoMo 2018

Prompt: Favorite body part on myself Prompt: Zmas day (couldn’t pick which one)

December 24, 2018

DPM 24 in DePhoMo 2018

Prompt: Vacation Prompt: Zmas eve

December 23, 2018

DPM 23 in DePhoMo 2018

Prompt: Food Non-prompt. I had nothing for Festivus so here’s some musical monkeys.

December 22, 2018

Lady Xanax in Every day scata

“Lady Xanax” Here comes the morning light you can’t face Lie on your bed staring into space Watch the time slip gently by Don’t ask why So many friends but nobody calls Can’t be alone when ...

December 22, 2018

DPM 22 in DePhoMo 2018

Prompt: Short person Prompt: Art

December 21, 2018

DPM 21 in DePhoMo 2018

Prompt: Angel Prompt: Winter Solstice (there is an explanation behind this)

December 20, 2018

DPM 20 in DePhoMo 2018

Prompt: Childlike Non-prompt: one of my favorite pictures.

December 19, 2018

DPM 19 in DePhoMo 2018

Prompt: Hard Candy Day? I think? Prompt: Black and White

December 18, 2018

DPM 18 in DePhoMo 2018

Prompt: Illumination Prompt: Snowflake Appreciation Day

December 17, 2018

DPM 17 in Adult coloring and photography

Prompt: Flower Two non-prompts because I want to show the silly blow up decorations we got.

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