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Why cant i see him. I want to see him. I wanna

I’m so sleepy that remind me i forgot to take the rice to refrigerator

You are all fucking liar

You know why i got easily? It’s lovesickness after all

You wont know how much i want

You think i can make it alive?

Sometimes the diary is error?

Would be glad if i can see him soon

Dont wanna go anywhere if you not gonna be there

It’s hard to breath

I feel lonely a bit at least i have boyfriend

I lost my capodimonte spoon

I thought i would die. Really i got into hospital like that ..

I’m worried about almost everything now. Really....

I dun wanna be clingy af so i’ll just take care of myself now

Soon i’ll be 31 i wonder if i’ve been good or not

Only snacking can calm me down

Pls just stay with me dont leave me

I feel like no matter where i go i’ll never fit in anyway. I’m not even loved. Maybe i should just die die die die die

I dunno why some video concept just sprout inside my mind

I dunno why is it only you in my mind

It’ll be normal working days again in two days… Hmm. You know guys i’m actually happy when he said he really want to come. But i wonder if it’s true

It feels strange somehow no family or partner in eid. But its so lovely to have him vidcalling me

I learn to be alone. Just all alone. Alone alone alone

Not gonna love me? Fine then

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