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Don’t leave me alone. I love you 😭

I feel lost

All my family member should kill themselves

Gloomy days… I feel so unloved

Why promising something you can’t do?

It’s sad that he seems not to want me anymore. But what can i do?

We can’t change people after all

When will do you want me forever?

I hate all of you

I hate people around me

To feel what i feel huh? Then i gonna say i hate you all

Writing depressing note doesnt trigger gerd. I guess it’s really that pill

Kill me already

I guess that’s what it mean to love someone so little. They don’t want to even jump a puddle for you.

Love may no more but maybe i can stay brush off other guy as long as we’re together

How troublesome

Kill me already

I actually spend my money for jerk? 😂

Maybe it’s time to forget everything

I love you too much but you just a little

I don’t feel lucky because i can’t see you. I want your everything

Lemme hug you really

Pls do me then?

You are the reason why i cant sleep well

So many plan so little time

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