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Maybe it’s those negative thought eating my own health

I don’t feel like special at all. Maybe only me myself alone can make ownself feel special

Can’t i just be loved? Something like he will come to me and he will take me away and we’ll live happily ever after. Why do i feel like those happiness is impossible for me?

I guess i’m busy again

I’m still not used to having my sister around. I just don’t want anyone in my personal space. Work space is fine. But my own base, my castle? Nope

I can’t hold it anymore

I want to talk more but i guess i cant look clingy???

My package where are they?

I feel like pretending to be strong if he not gonna date me anymore. Turns out i’ll be said if he leave me

Always ptsd when going back home

The heck is this? Leaking on tire?

Let me sink deeply into the ocean and die

I’ll tell my family who’s the boss here

Come to me i dont feel like doing anything if you not gonna be there

Why cant i see him. I want to see him. I wanna

I’m so sleepy that remind me i forgot to take the rice to refrigerator

You are all fucking liar

You know why i got easily? It’s lovesickness after all

You wont know how much i want

You think i can make it alive?

Sometimes the diary is error?

Would be glad if i can see him soon

Dont wanna go anywhere if you not gonna be there

It’s hard to breath

I feel lonely a bit at least i have boyfriend

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