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I guess i’m late again. Too busy doing stuff. I dunno why whenever i play genshin i keep thinking about certain person

I really love him why do some people think we only attracted to each other because of sexual stuff?

February 09, 2023

9 Feb 2023 in I wrote this to keep alive

My heart is aching everyday waiting for you

February 08, 2023

Feb 8 2023 in I wrote this to keep alive

I’m bound to rules i hate and i cant see you at all. I feel like living dead. My body is alive my heart is dead

February 07, 2023

Feb 7 2023 in I wrote this to keep alive

Everything is fine but why my sister is home???

February 06, 2023

Feb 6 2023 in I wrote this to keep alive

Cant believe i’m actually late. I’m not dead. Just busy

February 05, 2023

Feb 5 2023 in I wrote this to keep alive

It’s tiring everyday. I want to move to his place ASAP

February 04, 2023

Feb 4 2023 in I wrote this to keep alive

I wonder if he really love me. But i guess he does. He contacts me almost everyday after all

February 03, 2023

Feb 3 2023 in I wrote this to keep alive

I’m still in love but i need rest

February 02, 2023

Feb 2 2023 in I wrote this to keep alive

Please don’t let me down. I get lots of acne because of you

February 01, 2023

Feb 1 2023 in I wrote this to keep alive

Quite late eh? I personally have ton of things need to be done now. Room for thinking about my own partner doesn’t getting small tho

… … … What is love? really

The intention is clear. Everything is always in my hand since beginning anyway Ah really…

Let’s see what will happen next

I’ve become much more independent now and never think about whether my partner will be gone or not. If he really love me he will contact me. If not i’ll be sad but what can i do?

I can play Flowers song for my birth family. Really even my coworkers call them toxic. My partner do too. I really don’t need them at all they can remove me from family register

I want to be a tree when i die. But i wonder if i can do that

Reminder reminder Sometimes i forgot how my partner mind works So reminder to myself to just leave him be. If he want to see me he’ll jump right away to my place. If he doesn’t wanna, hmm well. ...

You know what realistic? No one love us unconditionally. Even our parents love us because we come from their seed and egg. If someone doesn’t fit our condition just leave

Cant wait anymore…

January 22, 2023

Liars in I wrote this to keep alive

One guy said he liked me but date someone else and eventually marry her One guy said he loves me but he broke his promise with my parents My parents said they love me but they keep getting in the...

If Homura said love is peak of human emotion, then the peak of love is suffering, suffering in the name of love, suffering for thinking about love. My mind is in shambles really … Can’t i just li...

Whenever i go home to parents house i always feel like i had never gone to Jakarta, Surabaya and Malang to meet him. Really it’s weird.

I wonder what’s on my partner head. I hope he doesn’t choose me because of pity. If he want relationship with girl with large boobs he should have gone to her and never see me again

Kadang ga main genshin karena jadi mikir hal yang udah lalu. Tapi setelah lihat orangnya jadi mikir “kenapa aku harus sedih karena orang kaya dia?”

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