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I think i only can stare into emptiness now. Ah i really love you i really aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Please save me from this pain of loving you

Ah. So sleepy

The moment i feel like all stuffs i do is all for naught i’m starting to feel like dun want to put effort anymore i guess

Turns out my review work need lots of…aaaaaaaaagh

Dear i love u but i dont wanna be the only one who fight to be together

House work is really tiring

Am i even in his future plan i wonder.

Sometimes our own partner doesnt understand how we feel

So tired

Going around back and forth is tiring. How do people manage haha hihi gaje a lot?

Too many things need to be done

We’re surely prisoner of our own mind

Can i go against nature really

Sometimes i wish i could be millionaire

I hope i can get through this

Dun realize i still got GERD

Kill me already

I got GERD again i guess

I told myself to keep creating and stop overthinking. Overthinking doesn’t produce money after all

I have been late these days. My uncle is so evil to me commenting bad on my content

Jangan jadi yang paling cinta maunya tapi dianya cuek nanti LDRnya jadi Loe doang relationship

Why am i still sleepy

Maaan why am i so tired

Am i loved?

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