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Just kill me already

I guess i’ve become more chubby am i eating too much? 🥺

Should i tell the stars?

I messed up my mind again. The best place to write is here. I dun even care if someone find out my writing. Ah i’d rather than let you go. I wish i can hug and kiss again and get headpat. Really ...

Is it a sin to love you my dear?

I want to stay by your side eperiday waaaaaaaaaa

I have died everyday waiting for you i guess

Aaaaaaa why u always on my mind aaaaaaaa

My mind is not feeling well when i’m not on birth control

Aaaaaaaa i miss you so much TwT aaaaaaaaaaa i think i’m going to be crazy crazy crazy

Why do i have to go somewhere? You not gonna be there right? 😗

I hope my coworkers just die

Sometimes people are too stupid

Y all just want me to be unhappy rly

I guess no one want me to be happy

Ah i wish i could just melt

I basically dig my own grave but i love you

Keep forgetting many things

Wish i could feel you again

I just want to sleep zzzz

Three to four days are too long for me. Aaaaaa yameteee

Love does hurt isnt it?

Been busy lately no room worrying about others

Better hurt now than later But really i feel like he want to break up and he just want casual stuff. I guess no one in this world love me

I wanna be kitty who is loved by everyone

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