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March 17, 2023

Worthless in Internet Intentions

I feel completely and utterly worthless. I feel incompetent with my ability to do my work, my social skills and my self connectedness. I’m the biggest loner at work especially today. I can’t brin...

I’m sad because I want to be productive but my body just doesn’t agree with me. My afternoons are free at work to plan and prepare for the next but today 3/15/23 I played sudoku from 11:30 to nea...

Algebra 1A was total ass this morning, they were completely unproductive, I had an escape room where each group took the entire period to not even finish their 1 escape room activity. I should’ve...

March 09, 2023

Doubts in Internet Intentions

I have doubts about every choice and decision I make each day. Whether it’s listening to a certain song, making big work decisions and everything in between. I’m not gonna know for sure what I tr...

March 08, 2023

Not happy in Internet Intentions

I hate myself. That’s the only authentic thought coming to me. I’m never sure of anything that comes to my head. I don’t know if it’s authentic, I don’t know if I truly believe it. I’m never gonn...

Title says everything. I don’t know how to write, I don’t know how to be with my thoughts. Last night I did a meditation that Shea send me to trigger my anxiety and learn the sensation in my body...

Somehow being depressed last night, while chronically procrastinating with sudoku and getting x<6 hours of sleep without much sustenance last night has brought me to today with teacher rizz. ...

March 03, 2023

Line Dancing in Internet Intentions

I can’t help but to hate the fact that I feel like I’m not in my thoughts and I cannot hear my authentic inner voice. I know I have opinions and thoughts of the world but when I interact with it ...

I had some pretty intense anxiety yesterday and this morning during 1st period. Last night I was just tired and wasn’t sure weather I should work out even with all the work that I still needed to...


February 25, 2023

2/25 in Internet Intentions

Look up Aus surv episode and YouTube

February 25, 2023

2/25 in Internet Intentions

Browse YouTube on Asaf before studying

February 25, 2023

2/25 in Internet Intentions

Survivor reddit, creative gameplay

February 24, 2023

2/24 in Internet Intentions

Go on Reddit to look up how to keep goals

February 24, 2023

2/24/23 in Internet Intentions

To see if stairs help leg growth

February 24, 2023

2/24/23 in Internet Intentions

Work on CST Practice

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