Sleep deprived with drive in Internet Intentions

  • March 7, 2023, 9:01 a.m.
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Somehow being depressed last night, while chronically procrastinating with sudoku and getting x<6 hours of sleep without much sustenance last night has brought me to today with teacher rizz. I set up an escape room for Alg 1A which had a task that was more time consuming than I would’ve liked but I managed the class well. Pre-Calc didn’t quite understand the topic at hand but I felt confident that was engaging and they improved slightly compared to yesterday. Alg 1B had a cool brochure that they worked on which I feel like I explained well along with them being in a good mood. I feel great about how the classes went today.

Last night at Y was cute. I saw Peyten-Michele who I still don’t know but she greated me with a big smile. Her friends were quoting my text to her asking me if I had any complaints to file, and they called her a stalker. I was tired so I felt comfortable. I will ask her out, I’m just gonna pop a couple hydroxyzine’s before I do it.

I have a serious internet addiction though that I want to deal with.

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