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  • Dec. 1, 2022, 9:44 p.m.
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11. If you were going to write a novel, what would it be about?
I started writing a LONG time ago about dreams I’d had that were jokingly referred to as “past lives”. Just bebopping around the Universe in different forms and watching events happen. “Lives” overlapping with others. But, that is on hold. Cause, look…I can’t even keep up with NoJoMo.

12, Who is someone you’d like to meet?
I believe I’ve already answered this in another prompt? But Leonard da Vinci! This man had ideas for a lot of the things we have today. While others have “created them”, da Vinci actually had the drawings and ideas for a lot of these things. I went to an exhibit and they had it separated into Art, Agriculture, and War. Which, I did not know until then that he had a hand in that.

13. What hobby would you like to start this winter?
I want to get back to making jewelry. My friend got herself a shop and she asked if I’d want to put some things in the shop. I said sure and found some old pieces that I had put away for sales already. I just have to get them there.

14. Describe an instance where someone was really kind to you.
Many people are kind to me as it is, but there is one instance that I remember. I was a private care CNA and was taking care of this sweet lady. She was on hospice and she wanted to go through her jewelry armoire. I saw a piece that I absolutely loved and told her so. I didn’t say anything else and helped her go through it. Holidays roll around and she gifts me that necklace. She actually cleared it with the staff so it wasn’t considered “stealing”. Her assignment was the last assignment I could do with Hospice, because when the doc called her TOD, he yanked me out of the room and I saw the family freak out and start taking stuff, literally fighting each other. I was like, I can’t do this. So I lost my shit on them and left.

15. Where would you like your business, career, or personal/family life to be in then next year?
Career-wise, I’ll be getting another raise on my anniversary (March 8th). I’m also looking at possibly taking a managerial position, which would be moving to overnights, and Universal Deities, I am ready to get back to that. Life-wise, I want to get back to traveling with Andrew. He will be getting a raise in the next couple weeks, along with a promotion, and he will go back to being the main breadwinner. LOL We joke about it, so we will have better savings.

16. Do you believe that people should be penalized if they don’t recycle?
WTF? Seriously? Uh…if the town/city is going to provide those materials to do so, then I could kind of see it. Litter is horrible in a lot of places. But I’m not going to spend what little money I have for a specific trash bin, or the extra gas to go to a central center.

17. What is something that truly doesn’t matter?
Honestly, people. I know that sounds mean, but hear me out. A lot of drama comes from the choices people make. Myself included. Addiction? It can be genetic, so why start? I come from a family of addicts, but I made sure to not touch the hard shit and really watch my drinking. I know that it can take over, and a lot of drama comes from that. Family members? I cut a lot out, and very sparingly see them, because it’s a headache that I don’t want. An ex put hands on me. I broke his nose and left. I slept in my car with my son for a week before I was able to get into a shelter. I LEFT. If people spent all the time they do arguing with why they can’t leave, they’d be out of the situation.
There are ways to handle things, but we don’t do a lot of them because they’re so ingrained into us as “whatever” (i.e. assault, grooming) and “that won’t happen to me/my family”…and then it does and people act surprised. Then no one can do anything wrong from some of those families, and others go punished with no recourse…we suck.

18. What colors do you associate with this time of year and why?
Fucking orange. I don’t mind it, but it’s EVERYWHERE. Pumpkin this and that. Browns are depressing as well. I don’t mind it all, but damn…you can still wear red, blue, greens, etc. But again, I despise TG because, you know....genocide.

19. Thanksgiving is just around the corner. How are you planning on celebrating this year?
I do not celebrate the genocide of my people, nor the lies told about it. I only “celebrate it” by taking the holiday pay.

20. What was the best thing that happened to you today?
Work. I just work. Earning that money to travel in March with my son.

21. What food combinations do you think are delicious such as the combination of chocolate and peanut butter?
Meat and cheese…like burgers…pizza…etc.

22. What is a small change you’d like to make?
In the world? Or what? I need details. Honestly, I’d really make it a fucking LAW that Karen’s and Chad’s be banned from anywhere with their bullshit attitude. I just have to settle for learning how to be petty.

23. What are you most proud of accomplishing this month?
Not beating the shit out of some customers. Seriously. That audacity be on sale for the holiday season. Listen, while we do rely on customers, my company will survive without your cute $10.70 and thankfully, there is social media and people love the drama of Karens/Chads losing their shit so whatever lies you tell about me or my company…people know you’re so full of shit. I hope you break down in extreme weather with no cell service and have an explosive case of diarrhea.

24. What kind(s) of food gives you a boost of energy?
Just…food in general? In moderation. If I stuff myself, I go into a food coma.

25. Thanksgiving - what does it mean to you?
Genocide and lies. Duh.

26. Black Friday - what’s the earliest you’ve waited to get into a store on Black Friday?
I say this with ALLLLLLLL the disrespect: Fuck Black Friday. I hate it so much. I went out ONCE, and that was when I didn’t know it was a thing. Some fucking raging douchebag tried to take a fucking Care Bear away from my daughter (who was 2 at the time) and made her cry. I fucked that bitch up, checked out, and went home. I’m surprised I didn’t get arrested, honestly. Then, now, they come to my place of work and act pissy, THEN TELL ME, “I’ve been up since…” Asshole, that is NOT my problem.

27. Small Business Saturday - what’s your favorite small business to support?
Many on Etsy. I’m looking for more stones, beads, and other jewelry stuffs.

28. If you had the ability to meet one celebrity, who would it be?
It would be Steve Yzerman. I would’ve been Gordie Howe, but he passed away. But I used to have a mini-crush on him as well. But I loved watching him play. My dad wasn’t happy when I chose Detroit for my hockey team instead of the Blackhawks, whom he worked for.

29. Cyber Monday - What do you think is the most important technological invention of the Modern Age?
IDK. I’m not really tech-savvy and trying to do anything online the entire weekend sucked badly because of all the usage.

30. How was the month of November for you?
Work. Mostly work. But there were other things.

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