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I am here to write again and anticipate this to be a solo venture. However, I will delight in new friendships if they are found. Anything else you wish to know, please ask.

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I am better now. A person of authority is gunning for me, and there are no guarantees in the world. This was about respect, therefore I want to thank this manager for being the impetus for proact...

Going to wait to respond to others until tomorrow because I am cranky; my apologies. Today I have something to rant about and it’s pedestrian. I am a good employee and a better person than most I...

February 17, 2019

Is Prosebox comma crazy? in Life

Dear Gregory, I have random thoughts for you today. Such is the lamentable undone that strikes at the heart of the undedicated. Woe, I am disgraced in the eyes of accountability. I did not meet m...

February 13, 2019

Tis the season in Life

Dear Gregory, I am snooping around here more than I have any community since when short. I am proud of me for this. Way to be a pseudo-extravert. Looking back, when Compuserve was nearly new it ...

February 13, 2019

Prompt 2 - Original in Writing Prompts

Do butterflies like butter? The ingredients were important. Max chose them with care. Butter was the color of sunshine. Honey the color of gold. And flowers were the colors of, well flowers. M...

February 12, 2019

Impressions of Prosebox in Life

How you compare to LiveJournal The Good 1. Smaller 2. Arguably overall more mature 3. Entry Organization Options 4. Not owned by Russians nor used for political dogma Desired Improvements (in...

It sounds like SAD I am so tired, so tired all the time. I want to sleep. I am not happy or sad; I just am, Am always tired. Life has its ups and downs, but I feel them only briefly, Because I w...

approximated visual prompt by George Redreev What is it doing? In the forest with no business. Slimy little, snaky little, dingy little bastard. It looks around and sees not me. It sees the ...

February 11, 2019

About Writing in Life

As with most hobbyists someday I would like to publish again. but for real not in a journal or a magazine not part of some compilation I want to complete a whole book of fluffy fiction. This will...

February 11, 2019

Apologies in Life

To anyone who may have commented yesterday to my initial entry, I must apologize on the slightest chance that you catch this. I deleted a couple duplicate books and am afraid I picked one that w...

Dear Prosebox, I am going to call you Gregory. We are not yet acquainted. I plan to talk to you as one person to another. I don’t expect you to answer, and that’s okay. I desire someone who wants...

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