What does it means to be alive in Poetry

  • June 25, 2023, 6:11 p.m.
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What does it mean to be alive?

I look up at the sky
And heaven opens my mind
The wind gently glides
Over my skin
Dividing time
Streaming memories
That recycle into infinity
And I wish
I knew the magic spell
To turn the world upside down

I feel anew
Shedding my skin
Leaving the past
Buried in the sand
Moving forward
With the future in my hand

I’m changing inside
And for the first time
I see hope in my life
A new chapter begins
As I experiment
With my words
To write and create
The scenery in your eyes
And the passionate rhythm
Your heart speaks
Because it is you, I seek

40 years passed
And I’ve found peace
A Virgo
That became worry-free
Playing games
Dancing rhythmically
Laughing as I live
This individualistic internal experience
That eats me alive
And spits me back out
When I choose to divide

I know
I’m odd and strange
And I’ve decided to
Embrace my creative design
Artistic mutilation
Mixing and melting
The color of my eyes
To find the perfect lens
That describes
What it means to be alive

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