2022 laugh before you go to hell in Poetry

  • May 15, 2022, 11:38 a.m.
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2022 laugh before you go to hell [video]

2022 laugh before you go to hell

It’s 2022
And everything is so stupid
It’s crazy
With loony politicians
Always farting and pooping
On live TV
And those idiot politicians
Believe we need to
Suffocate ourselves with masks
And inject poison into our body
Give up our possessions
And think we will be happy

To all of you
That hear this in the future
You’ll probably laugh
Because we locked ourselves
In our house
Obeying a voice in a box
That something invisible
Was going to kill us all
And everyone went so nuts
Soon all the toilet paper was gone
Because humanity is so full of shit
And didn’t want their ass to be sore
Unknowing soon
Inflation would make them poor

It’s still 2022
And the government
Is watching me
On a computer screen
So I wear a jester hat
Give them the middle finger
And we’ve become so paranoid
But the price of gas is so high
That I must walk to town
To escape the fame
On the government’s walk of shame

It’s 2022
And those who said
They’d save you
Have left you
America is a 3rd world country
And everyone is still programmed
Can’t see it
And it’s all going to crash
Everyone will lose their mind
Because the Elite’s spell
Ran out of time
And if you stick around
Decide to finally see
I’ll show you
What it all means
And can be

It’s 2022
And everything is going
To crash and crumble
It’s the orgy and gangbang
You’ve been waiting for
A deformed orgasm
And you lost control

So the time is now
I’m going to mock everything
It’s all a joke
I predicted it all
Gave you a face to erase
And you still couldn’t see
I’m going to have fun
Before it all goes to hell
Then I’ll go to the wishing well
And make a new spell
The pain and sorrow will disappear
And it will be time to rebuild
The Quantum Aquarius dream
Then you’ll see

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