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Gemini Inner, Outer, Glyph, and Evolution [Video]

4 days ago

It's Your Choice in Poetry

For more than 300,000 years My soul has journeyed From Heaven to Earth Back and forth A spiritual tug of war Playing chess With the best And now Everything meets As the final battle begins So ...

Gemini Sun [Video]

I will be the keys That unlock the path To the hidden doors of the future As my words unfold And are told Through the poetry of the spoken word For wisdom I bring To those in need The truth Is b...

February 17, 2020

Sun Sign Gemini Overview in Poetry

Sun Sign Gemini Overview [Video]

February 16, 2020

When Our Souls Collide in Poetry

She’s soft and delicate Hidden in the picture frame While I’m cold and alone Trying to escape the boundaries Of my heart Trying to heal my past As I confront this war Between love and hate May ...

Rosarium Resurrection of the United Eternal Body, Old Testament, Jesus Christ, Pyramids [Video]

February 13, 2020

Waking up (a continuation) in Poetry

Unlike my past lives When I began this life Everything was right Conquering my way To glory and riches And there was nothing That stood in my way To champion my name Then the hourglass Turned up...

Rosarium Reunion of Body and Soul, Divine Sophia, Old Testament [Video]

February 09, 2020

A Golden Age Will Begin in Poetry

The foundation has been set The results are in And we are so full shit Disguising the truth To believe the lies It’s time to surrender Your ego and pride And become One In a new state of mind Wh...

Rosarium Gideon’s Dew Drips from the Cloud [video]

February 06, 2020

The Pieces Are Being Set in Poetry

Religions are losing faith The kangaroo courts Persecute the innocent As the governments ignore The cries of their people Lies have become truth And the truth has become a lie Insanity rules the...

February 02, 2020

The Lucifer Experiment in Poetry

So, as we move to the present day My past lives are behind The story begins today In the land of free Where the ignorant Believe their choice Create the destiny Of what they will achieve We’ve f...

My novel will be done at the end of February. So, yes, finally! I have written 36,774 words 150 pages so far And my school update is that I will be a Doctorate of Management for Organizational l...

Rosarium Separation of Body and Soul [Video] Here is the link to the picture that I am talking about

January 30, 2020

The New Cycle Begins in Poetry

As I have died through time I forgot my lives Been played and have played This game Stuck in a loop Trying to break the cycle And then Everything surfaced As my heart and mind align To break the...

January 26, 2020

The World I Saw in Poetry

Before I died I saw a world Full of lies A world Full of the blind A bullshit society That has A lack of hope A lack of faith Divided by more Than black and white The lies you live Began your...

Rosarium in the Tomb, Congratulations you have died, Romeo and Juliet, and Future Predictions [Video] Here is the link to the picture that I am talking about in the video

January 19, 2020

The Journey of Love in Poetry

She hears a whisper Trapped inside her soul Lost and confused In her dreams Morbid And unseen Darkness invades And the light goes away Her heart Has turned to ice As bi-polar gods Corrupt her m...

Video Your cell salt is a sulphate of sodium.

January 16, 2020

My Song of Death (Version 3) in Poetry

An Angel Began My Song of Death Playing the violin While I drift through space Unknown to the existence of My beginning and end I feel like this is what You wanted For me to no longer know What ...

Taurus Sun the Difference Between Male and Female (Video)

Taurus Inner and Outer and Evolution (Video)

January 08, 2020

At the Bottom of the Spiral in Poetry

Today I feel Down and ugly Lifeless Inside the glass There is no air to breathe And no reason to live As I travel like dust In the wind I’m hoping to die As I starve for life Ants devour my fles...

Taurus Sun Sign Digging Down into the Personality

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