The Line and 15 Minute Cities Chapter 1 short story in Poetry

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The Line and 15 Minute Cities Chapter 1 short story

A voice from the speaker said, “ACB134…wake up!
ACB134 said, “Mommy, is that you.”
Mommy replied, “Yes, it is me. Today’s date is July 6, 2052. Wake up and get ready for work. Today is the big day. Remember what you will do and go with the rebels. Would you like Cricket-Os or Grasshopper Crunch for breakfast?”
ACB134 gets out of his bed and makes it, “I’ll have Grasshopper Crunch for breakfast.” ACB134 decides to take a quick shower before he eats breakfast.
ACB134 gets out of the shower, puts his work clothes on, and sits down to eat breakfast, “Yum, Grasshopper Crunch!” After he eats, he takes his bowl to the sink for the machine to clean it.
Mommy says, “Don’t forget the stick that has the plans for the rebels.”
ACB134 replies, “Yes Mommy, I have it.”
ACB134 heads out the door to go work in the maintenance area. Every time he leaves for work, he has to go by the breeding area. I really wanted to be a breeder. They look like they are having fun all day sticking their thing in multiple women. Mommy didn’t want me to be a breeder though. She said that they live short lives because those in charge pump them full of drugs causing the males to die young. Barely any of them make it to their 30s.
As soon as ACB134 walks past the breeding area, a young male breeder collapses and dies. Well, the cleaners will be called soon, and everyone knows that the male will be turned into food for us to eat.
ACB134 arrives at his workstation.
The manager said, “ACB134 you are going to be cleaning up the cleaners’ rooms today. You are free to leave and report to the manager in charge.”
ACB134, “Yes manager, I will report!”
ACB134 went out into the hallway and the floor began to move, taking him to his location. Once he arrived at his location and checked in, he started to begin cleaning and sharpening the cleaners’ tools. He couldn’t wait for lunch and to have a human burger. He saw one of the breeders die early this morning, and he was wondering if they would have fresh meat for dinner.
ACB134 said, “Well, all I need to do now is mop this blood up, and lunchtime!”
As ACB134 began to mop up the blood on the floor, he began to wonder if he would have time to eat a human burger with praying mantis fries before the bombs went off for his escape. He did not know the exact time that the rebels would show up.
ACB134 thought to himself, well if I don’t eat, I hope they have some food wherever they stay. I wonder what they eat on the outside. I’ve grown up eating the same thing every day. I hope there is some variety out there—outside this cage.
ACB134 finished his duties, cleaned up, and headed to the lunchroom.
Once he arrived, he stood in line until he came up to the lunch robot that handed him his praying mantis fries and human burger. As soon as he sat down an explosion happened. Ten men with guns came rushing in to grab him as they ran out into the desert. ACB134 felt like an hour went by before the rebels took off his mask and he stood at the entrance of the cave.
An old man came out of the cave, “Do you have the stick?”
ACB134 said, “Yes, I have the stick. Is there any way I could get some food?”
The old man said, “Hand me the stick, sit down, I’m sure we have some goat.”
ACB134 said, “Goat? You eat goat.”
The old man replied, “Yes, we eat goat. What are you used to eating? We have not ever met anyone from The Line.”
ACB134 replied, “In The Line, the majority of the food is insects and human workers that die.”
The old man gave a shocking look on his face and his eyes widened, “That is sick and horrible. You will not ever eat insects or humans as long as you stay with us. Go ahead and eat and rest. In the morning, when you wake up, we will begin talking about what goes on in The Line and the role that you will play with us helping to destroy those in Power.”

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