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Couple of real stand out guys come into the bar - we’re talking maskless, toothless, haven’t changed shirts in weeks - kind of backwoods hillbillies and immediately I know this will get weird. T...

August 01, 2020

Nothing bad happened

After telling myself over a year ago that I would never get behind the wheel of a vehicle when I was black out drunk, I got behind the wheel of a vehicle last night, and drove over 60 miles. So ...

May 11, 2020


I’m a little late but, happy Mother’s Day. You have been a nurse longer than I’ve been alive. Fate just so happened to intertwine you and dad in an eerie accident in which on August 4th, 1984, ...

April 14, 2020

Are You Having Fun Yet?

I was having a good morning. Unlike most mornings in the last couple of weeks where its either like I tried drowning my skin in Icy Hot from head to toe or not being able to feel anything at all...

March 16, 2020


I won’t lie to you all. The last few weeks I’ve been ready to die. That was before the pandemic that’s swept the world. The doctors came back and said I’m basically cancerous in the lymph in my g...

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