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April 27, 2021

The new babies

Kids brought in a litter of babies and i didnt feel the thrill or joy of new babies at all. I just feel… such a stressful hassle. So much work. For so little return. Even shaving them is so much ...

April 21, 2021

Is this the end?

Its like those damn annoying emails. Is this the end? I know i cycle through my choices to keep farm animals every time i flare. And im having a flare. The shed needs to be cleaned. I just lost a...

March 30, 2021

baby bunny photos

ok i havent shared my latest bunny photos. I have a home for a black and white pair, and possibly home for the other black. The tort is a wild card. Either the moms breeder wants it, or the guy ...

March 20, 2021

March Breeding.

On the 16th i bred the following Penny X Oni ( HR chestnut X rew ) Briar X Sunny ( Harli X HR Fawn) Sunny is out of Frostbite and Clover Frostbite X Kaji ( Ermine X Fawn) Kaji is out of Briar an...

March 12, 2021

my first abnormality

Farm Life Trigger Warning Talk of animal death ahead. Well i havent had a litter with any kind of genetic abnormality yet. I havent seen spina bifida (lethal) or a tripod, or worse… brains expo...

March 10, 2021

Few more bun buns

Figure ill post a few more. Facebook blurs the photos terribly but they are still cute. Merlin and Nimue, the rew im not sure if shes staying or not. Maybe ill simply call her lady of the lake...

March 10, 2021


This is my happy place :)

February 26, 2021

Bunny Photos

Everyones favorite update. The bunny photos. We are 6 weeks old. We tried spinach today. We dont like it. Ikky green stuff! We are two girls and two boys. One rew and one harli of each gender. ...

February 14, 2021

Yarn and bunny porn

I finished several yarns this weekend. I had the legit weekend off haha. So i finished this amazing harli angora. I spun mara and briar each into a single ply then plied them together. Briar has ...

February 07, 2021

Rubbed the bunnies together

Babies incoming. Oni is a fawn pretty gal who was bred to domino my magpie. She gave me 4.1 oz of wool! This girl is amazing. Her color could be more intense but her wool is amazing. Pandora...

February 01, 2021


My one manager and I that have been rubbing elbows have kinda figured out a peace or truce or something. We are figuring out how to orbit each other. I think she realized im not easily offended b...

January 31, 2021

Bunny life

I brought Jack in the box into the house for a few minutes. He wanted love. So i let him loose. He chases the cat. And humps the crap out of him.... Yup. Anyway baby bunnies! one boy and girl...

We have new babies. I think i forgot to tell you!! They are 2 weeks old!! This is them with their big brother Avalanche. the second most beautiful fawn i have! Oni This gal is up for ad...

December 08, 2020

Nibbler love

Nibbler is now a junior. Hes almost a year. I sheared his junior coat and got 6.1 oz! Thats an awesome harvest!! :D Here are some shots of my nibblits.

October 08, 2020

The haircut crew

Mara Penny my copper boy. Snarky. Amber and her giant floof. Briar Rabbit. Maras husbun. They are my harli pair. And then because i have ZERO self control, My neighbor stopped by and said he...

September 29, 2020

Bunny update

Taking a break to do some bunny work. I think its been a bit since i shared them. I went ahead and shaved Frostbite and Harmony. Harmony is old enough to have babies and is in the mood. She was...

June 26, 2020

Briar Rabbit

I got a beautiful photo of my briar boy!

June 20, 2020

Teacup baby

Last litter of the summer. With the heat and RHD, I wont be breeding again this summer. MAYBE this fall i will. We will see. The house hunt continues. If we are in our own place. I will. Because ...

June 11, 2020

Is it hot in here?

Nibbler thinks its hot in here. Thats all. He is literally laying his floppy bunnyness all over more then one waterbottle. Arms and all. What a nugget.

June 09, 2020

Mom humor.

Mooooom hes touching me!

May 03, 2020

5 weeks

Few 5 week old photos. with their portable AC units. They are in heaven. they are debating if they should make an escape. Bonus of domino! and harmony and 11 day old hybrids.

April 23, 2020

our 3 week old cuties

wee choco tort. Its a buck The size difference between the buck and doe here! day one of the german hybrids.

April 22, 2020

New tiny ones

My newest wool seeds are here. These are 3/4 german, 1/4 french. F2. Dad is F1 ( generation) half german half french. Although he has sheen in him so there is some satin SOMEWHERE. So the babies...

April 19, 2020

The new crew

Rabbit breeder word vomit. So i got three new angoras on the way. A magpie Harli buck Torted Harli doe. Meet Domino And Tamora I dont have a photo of Briar, the boy, at least not one i can ...

April 09, 2020

Babies day 11

Its been a few days huh. Time just… Blends in you know… Babies opened eyes today. For some reason i thought i had a few more days to go. But nope. They are 11 days. Anytime between 10 and 14 real...

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