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What would Worf do? I softly joke that my three dad’s growing up were weird al, spock, and the Fonz. It’s...... I am Tim, son of… It never occurred to me previously. I am my mom’s son. I live to ...

Slept in until noon. This isn’t anything special for a day off - I sleep in until noon even when I have workies. (What’s 2-12, second shift?) Punch line is I still wake up at dawn, around 6-7am...

5 days ago

Burning Sensation.

In theory, I like the rain. It’s calming. Yet all week, I’ve been kind of off. Emotionally flat. Sad, lonely, not getting much excitement from life. Or, just not okay being bored existing. Some p...

March 15, 2023

Educational Opportunity.

We’re supposed to hang out tomorrow so I can help her with her math GED. I’m excited and nervous, as it’s our first socialization outside of work. Excited, because duh, I get to spend time with ...

March 05, 2023

Sleeping Alone.

I miss cuddles.

February 21, 2023

The other Three C's.

So, I asked workcrush the very coded question of, “Is your husband threatened by me at all. Ya know, a guy being nice to you, buying you gifts.” She replies, “oh no, he adores you.” Well, you can...

February 18, 2023

Special Delivery!

So. My gift to workcrush came. And I can’t stop laughing. Get it? Super visor? JUST LIKE HER.

So I’ve clocked in barely five seconds, and workcrush comes up to me, telling me about her tampon. Apparently, co-manager punched her in just the right spot to cause her vagina 5o sneeze out the ...

January 31, 2023

What is okay?

Age lines are evolving things. I’m glad that, as I get older, I have this block on younger women. As it should be, to a degree. Yet, with rounding. If I’m pushing 40, and someone was pushing 20 ...

January 03, 2023

Kill me.

I slept 13 hours again. This is getting old. Robo and DayQuil did the trick in belaying the coughing but still. (Store was out of NyQuil - and I’m not having issues sleeping, so to speak.) I’m so...

January 02, 2023

I miss cuddles.

Did get to the gym. Did Taco Bell. But gosh, I’m so tired. I still have a lingering cough. So while I’m sleeping a lot, yeah, rolling over and coughing sucks. It’s that dry cough that can’t scrat...

January 01, 2023

Maybe tomorrow.

Plan: Sleep in, hit my next workout, have some Taco Bell. Reality: Covered a shift and red-lined my sanity.

December 24, 2022

You know you do it.

I weighed 185 lbs. I commenced with elimination procedures. Now I weigh 184.6 lbs. I am now .2% less full of shite!

December 23, 2022

La la la la la.

There’s nothing on Netflix to watch. But there’s Daria on P+. Oh sure, there’s Star Trek. But Daria. Excuse me. Also, “My goal is not to wake up at forty with the bitter realization that I’ve w...

December 21, 2022

Today's Quote.

“I wish my dreams and aspirations were as big as Tim’s whipped cream.” - workcrush Haha. Even on context, it’s a bizarre statement. She knows I pick up on anything suggestive. It’s like a game to...

Time is short, but it’s a thought I’ve had. If sex is for her, then it’s performative. It’s his job to produce an erection. If sex is for him, then her vagina is a wanking sleeve. It’s his job ...

I was exiting the gym, saw a neon open sign, and thought of this on the spot. Second squat day of the week, if anyone cares. Still making memes, so my sense of humor is intact. <3

December 10, 2022


So B is getting a large drink and my gay manager chimes over the headset, “That’s because B likes swallowing.” Now, it’s small chiding, but I absolutely love being over-the-top to silence him. I...

This little break from the gym has been… Not what I expected. Instead of a surge of energy, it’s like coming off an antidepressant. Sleeping a lot. Not entirely because I’m tired, but because...

November 09, 2022


Being emotionally sensitive is annoying. The same fifth grade shite that I couldn’t one-up then, just pisses me off now. It’s still the game of “I should be the better person” until it bubbles ...

October 30, 2022

Your Daily Star Trek Meme.

I’m so glad I have an outlet for all my insanity.

My grandfather was a cook in the Navy during WWII in the pacific theater. My dad was in ‘Nam. Me? Went to anti-war rallies after 9/11. As a generational progression, it kind of flows. My grand...

October 26, 2022

One unit of dult.

A lot of us are just big kids who groan when we realize we’re the adult in the room. And those that self-important themselves as the adult, without the humility to be childish, tend to be the mos...

“Don’t you make me date your mom so you have to call me Daddy.”

If not ‘Trek, where do you get your values from? Ha ha.

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