Last of the Year in Book Six: Trying to Hold On 2019

  • Dec. 31, 2019, 3:33 p.m.
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So, on Friday, I called in sick because I was in extreme pain. Monday, I called in sick because my head was quite literally overflowing with bloody mucus and that isn’t a great thing to fight through while being in the phone and working cases. So last night, I took a bunch of meds to try to clear all of that up. And I slept until noon today. So… three days of missing work :(

I… don’t feel great about that. But to be honest… I don’t feel great about myself lately. I actually really don’t feel great about myself lately. I feel like a man that moves the heavens only to discover after the fact that the Heavens never existed. I’d say that I need to get my life together but what is my life at this point? Go to work, earn money, come home, eat food, play with the dog, play video games, read a book, go to sleep. Repeat.

Around here there isn’t much for a single, child-less guy to do. Best bet is to go to the bar and try not to seem too weird as The Guy Drinking Alone.

I’m just… a little I’ll and a little tired, I guess. And a little… displeased as to where my life has ended up.

Anaiss December 31, 2019

Between the holidays, being sick, and what is happening in your personal life, what you're feeling seems not just natural, but expected and maybe even healthy. You'd hardly be expected to be bouncing joyfully through all of this. It will get better though. I truly believe that.

Rhapsody in Purple December 31, 2019

It’s not where life has ended up. This is just a moment in time. This is where life is right now. It will be somewhere else in a year.

Always Laughing December 31, 2019

I feel your pain. These days i wonder how much worse things can get. Happy New year may be 2020 will be better for us both.

hippiechica15 January 01, 2020

You'll get through this!

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