Sweat? Deal with it. in It's Art, You Wouldn't Understand

  • Aug. 12, 2019, 11:39 p.m.
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My face is all puffy from my nap. I had a pretty productive day even though I didn’t get that much stuff done. I still need to get a new home insurance policy and update my auto insurance but that will be for tomorrow. I’ll dub it, “Insurance Day”.

I’m all ready for school. I just need to buy my books, a new cute bag and find out where the hell my new classrooms are. I met my professor already, and he seems nice. He said I might be a lot to handle but I took it as a compliment.

Chu is getting his stuff ready too. We won’t have any classes together but I think he’s going to take my suggestion about attending class in person instead of doing the online option. I think he’ll perform better in the long run that way.

I was a bit annoyed that my cute outfit was messed up because of under boob sweat. I always thought it was a problem for busty girls but my perky girls might have enough meat for it to become a thing. Do they make under boob sweat pads? I refuse to wear a bra this summer so just like my hard nipples, people will have to deal. I’m fucking human.

I’m getting my dress for the party next month and I hope it fits. I don’t want to do any altering with this one. If I do, I won’t be going to a brick and mortar. They always overcharge.

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