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  • July 12, 2019, 2:35 p.m.
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*Wake up in the morning feeling cranky as heck. Tossing and turning seems to mess up my neck. Seems every time I wake up I’ve already turned off my snoozer. I start every day off being a loser. *

^My morning anthem yesterday lol

Angelina messaged me out of the blue today telling me about a job opening at the company she works at. I don’t even know where she works anymore. Last I heard she quit her job helping people with special needs to sell weed at a retail store. Her dream job apparently. Anyways, I’m waiting to hear back from her about what she even does with her life. If it is at a weed store I can’t even imagine how that interview will go. I smoke weed once a decade…

Last updated July 12, 2019

KissOfLife! July 12, 2019

Just go in there in a blaze of haze, Snoop-Dogg yo-snizzle-whizzle style.

Whiskie July 14, 2019

Love that anthem...goes well with that Kesha beat

TommyGnosis Whiskie ⋅ July 15, 2019

That's exactly where I'v drawn it from lol

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