Yesterday, All My Troubles Seemed So Far Away in Hello

  • July 11, 2019, 6:55 p.m.
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This visitors came in yesterday. It went good from what I heard. I spent almost all day in the tool room cleaning up after everyone. Mostly organizing drill bits and taps. Not one or two but entire bins filled with them. I took my sweet time: surfed reddit, texted, put on a YouTube playlist and rocked out to the Regrettes while putting everything in it’s proper place.

Then the last two hours I was stuck running these thin plates that’d get six holes cut into them. The air suction fixture we were using wasn’t strong enough and the parts kept popping up mid cycle. I got so damn stressed out it ruined my day and put me in a very fragile state.

I’ll spare the stupidity of late last night and went in feeling real low today. I lied to my boss when I got there about a doctor appointment and need to leave early. After like an hour I finally mustered the courage and spoke with him in private about my depression. He thanked me for coming forward, said his adult kids suffer too and now realizes some of my reactions to criticism.

I took the rest off the day off and have relaxed my soul. I’m feeling a bit better now. Tomorrow night I may do some retail therapy. But I DO have a stack of books to read already. Buuut I want to get the last four of the Southern Victory series. I’m seven…eight?…books into this series and I HAVE to finish it before starting something else. I’ve invested a lot of time into these characters lol.

Anyways, think I will lie back down now.

Tempestuous1 July 11, 2019

I'm glad that your boss took you speaking to him about the depression, fairly well. (((Hugs)))

J.E. Tempestuous1 ⋅ July 11, 2019

Yeah me too. But as I told him I like this job and don't wanna screw it up like I have at other places.

Silver Satan July 11, 2019

All the books!

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