Peculiar Year for Cars in Book Five: Working Through the Maze 2018

  • Oct. 21, 2018, 9:30 p.m.
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Before this year, in the entire history of my Wife and I being in each other’s lives… there had only ever been one accident. A mutual rear ending in a parking lot by me two weeks before the wedding. The fact that we have moved so often, driven such long distances so routinely, and lived in Omaha without ever having an accident is both surprising and impressive.

Then.... this year.

A week before terminating my employment with The Firm… a jackass barrels through the parking lot, slams right into my parked car, and totals it.

A few weeks later, a young woman on her cell phone slams into my wife’s car during the morning commute causing significant damage and requiring my wife to use a Rental for 3 weeks.

A few weeks after starting my new job, one afternoon as I am walking to my car, I notice a new dent. Back driver’s side bumper just above the wheel well is a new indentation with scrapings of white paint (my car is black). Of course, no note and not significant enough damage to care.

TONIGHT, 8 miles away from my destination… going 60 on a two lane highway… a Doe jumps in front of my vehicle. I’m safe, thank goodness. But the driver’s side headlamp, casing, and area around the wheel is totally destroyed. I’m honestly afraid of what kind of costs we’re looking at, but I’m stating right now that I assume repair costs will be between $5,000 and $10,000.

Life without accidents… than BAM.

Foofah October 21, 2018

We hit a deer going 50 in our Prius and it totaled it.

Perpetually Plump October 21, 2018

Glad you're okay!

Nash October 22, 2018

"A mutual rear-ending in the parking lot 2 weeks before the wedding," Some might call that a honeymoon. Heh.

Purple Dawn October 22, 2018

LOL at what Nash said.
Would it drive up your deductible to get it fixed through insurance? I hit a deer here last winter and did a couple of thousand dollars damage to a Suburban I was driving. Our insurance doesn't go up if we hit the animal though, it does if you hit the ditch instead, they actually inspect it for deer hair... is absurd.

ODSago October 22, 2018

So sorry for you two...that's a lot of damage your cars have experienced.... in a short time.

Pretend Mulling October 22, 2018

Rats with hooves (deer) are the worst. Both my uncle and my ex-fiance had their cars totaled by them. But I think insurance usually covers deer? I'd look into it, in any case.

Always Laughing October 22, 2018

glad you are ok

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