A weekend of flowers, music and godesses in The View from the Terrace

  • Aug. 15, 2018, 4:12 p.m.
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For the last few days I have been having dizzy spells. It started on Friday afternoon. We went away overnight and, when we arrived at the Travelodge, I bent down to get something from the floor of the car and felt like I was going to keel over. I was OK for the evening but it happened in bed when I turned over, strangely enough, only when I turned onto my left side never the other way. The next day I was fine and even drove half way home, but it happened again in bed. Then on Sunday it happened a few times but felt better Monday and on Tuesday it was almost gone. Today I am worse again and also feeling a bit feverish, don’t know if I have a temperature as I can’t find the thermometer! I have an appointment with the doctor tomorrow for an entirely different reason, 2 reasons really, and I was hoping the dizzyness would clear up because I know how they hate you going with a ‘shopping list’. Yesterday I was so much better I was sure it was going, then today I have been bad again, so I suppose I am going to have to tell the doctor about it tomorrow. I had some of these symptoms last year but it was more a feeling of not getting a full breath and weakness with a little dizzyness. This time the dizzyness is the main thing but the breathing problem is there again but only a little. She did a whole round of tests last year and couldn’t find anything wrong and by the time the results came through I was fine anyway. Then later in the year I went back to the doctor with a pain in my breast and again she couldn’t find anything wrong. I feel like a hypochondriac.

I really hope it’s not related to my heart or circulation because if it is they may stop my migraine meds and I don’t know how I could cope without them. I took my blood pressure on Tony’s home monitor and it gave a ridiculously low reading then I did it again and it gave a high reading so it must be faulty, well I hope it is!

In spite of all of this we had a good weekend trip. It was our annual visit to the Shrewsbury Flower Show. This was my favourite display in the floral marquee.
alt text

There was also floral art and displays of prizewinners in certain categories. I didn’t know you could grow begonias this big!
alt text

As usual I enjoyed a walk around the Dingle, a beautiful little park made in what was originally a quarry. This is a photo of the statue of Sabrina, godess of the river Severn. I took one a year or two ago which I use as my profile pic.
alt text

The evening entertainment was an ABBA tribute which was great. This year seems to be turning into an ABBA year what with our visit to see Mamma Mia on stage in February and the second Mamma Mia film a few weeks ago. This group were really good and actually looked a lot like the original group as they were in the 70s. I didn’t get close enough to take a good photo of them on stage but there was a big screen beside the stage which gave us a great view of the group,
alt text
alt text

and also of the audience in the front having a whale of a time.
alt text

The evening ended as usual with an amazing firework display.
alt text

The following day we visited a local garden centre and stayed for lunch in their cafe, then went for a walk around the town. This man had a really original line in busking with his dancing robot.
alt text
I love the fact that if you look in the reflection in the cafe window on the left hand side you can see us taking the photo.

We went back to the shop called The Cave that we saw last year hoping to have afternoon coffee in their organic cafe, but unfortunately the upstairs cafe was closed, so we wandered around the shop looking at the crystals, ethnic clothes, Buddah statues and books and then down to the cave in the basement which is said to link to old tunnels under the town. It is a magical place with a prayer tree, a remembrance angel and a fountain of the water godess where you can make a wish, which I did. Link to their website below.
The Cave

Afterwards we went to the lovely little wholefood restaurent where we often have lunch when we are in Shrewsbury for our coffee. Then it was time to go home after a great 2 days in my home town.
alt text

Wit' or witout August 15, 2018

I had that dizzy last year. It is vertigo caused by crystals inside your ears moving/dislodging. It can last days or a lot longer. There are specific exercises on the web to help the crystals move back to where they no longer make you dizzy. My dr said to take meclezine for the dizzies. Hope you feel better soon.

toddslife August 15, 2018

What a lovely trip

Marg August 16, 2018

What a great couple of days away! For some reason I can't see some of the photos - did you take them from Facebook by any chance?
Those dizzying spells are worrying - hope the doc can shed some light on it when you see him/her!

^..^Kat August 16, 2018

I hope that you find out what's going on. That dizzy feeling is just horrible.

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