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  • June 9, 2018, 4:46 p.m.
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My first entry this month. I have been having a bad run with my migraines lately. I had a really bad one on Thurday and had to use an injection. That hasn’t happened for several months. We have been having a heatwave and that may be part of the reason. These last 2 years I have been finding that the heat affects me. It’s a shame as I love the hot weather. Today I had booked a duty at the helpline for this evening but had to cancel at the last minute as I developed a migraine this morning and, although it started to clear in the afternoon it suddenly started to come back again with a vengeance. I knew if I tried to just carry on I might end up using another injection so I cancelled and went to bed to rest for a couple of hours. I’m feeling a bit better now.

On bank holiday Monday, 2 weeks ago, we went to the steam rally in Abergavenny. We have been going to this show for years and always enjoy it. This time the steam engines were full size unlike the ones we saw at the show a few weeks back. One of the engines was running a fair organ and there were girls dancing to the music.
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There were also lots of classic cars. I was thrilled to find a 1933 Sunbeam. Sunbeam was the Wolverhampton motor firm where my granddad and dad worked. Granddad worked on the racing car team but dad worked with the general cars. It’s possible he even made a part of the one we saw.
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There was also another Sunbeam from the 1960s when the firm was owned by
Rootes but still used the Sunbeam name.
alt text

This is a Sunbeam Rapier and is the car I learned to drive in. My mum had a green two tone one in the 60s. Hubby and I also owned one just after we were married and that one was the same colour as this, could even be the same car, who knows?

On the following Thursday we went to the Hay Festival of Literature which I mentioned in my last entry.
alt text
alt text

Since then, on the days that I have felt well, I have been busy in the garden planting up my summer window boxes and hanging baskets.
alt text

We were going to go to a plant sale last Sunday. A local nursery sell off all of their surplus stock each year and there are great bargains to be found, I was looking forward to it. After lunch I looked online to find out when they closed and found they already had, the sale was on Saturday! I had the date on the calendar wrong so I guess I must have looked at last year’s web page when it was on June 3rd. I never used to make mistakes like this. I have always been a rather obsessive person and I check and re check everything. In fact, as a teenager I really had to work on that because it was becoming a big obsession and affecting my life. I managed to reach the point where I would allow myself to check 3 times only and coped like that for years.

Living with a man with ADD hasn’t helped. I’ve always had to be the last out of the house when we go somewhere, but when I lived with my mum, if she had to go back for something, I was OK. It’s different with Hubby, if he goes back for something I have to check the whole house again because there have been times when he has left lights on, or shut the cat in the living room. He has even stumbled against the cooker and turned a jet on without noticing. He totally denies this and has claimed, when it happened when he was the only one in at the time, that we must have a poltergeist. Now I am quite open minded about those things but I do feel it is the least likely answer to why I found jets on after he left the kitchen.

Now I am getting older and starting to make mistakes myself or forget things and it is making my OCD worse. I have been known to check twice and still not notice I got something wrong so my checking things is going through the roof. The plant sale is no big deal. I had enough plants to put in already to keep me going for a week or so, but the fact that I made this mistake makes me feel insecure. If I can’t get things right what are we going to do, as both Hubby and Tony have ADD and rely on my memory.

This morning, when I checked my email, I found a notice from Facebook reminding me that it is Friskie’s birthday. Friskie was Cat’s first dog. He was a rescue dog, half Labrador, half, well we were never sure what the other half was. Cat was 15 when we got him and she adored him. He had his own Facebook page, which is why I got the notification. When he died of a brain tumour at 9 years old she made a beautiful memorial video. I’ve just been watching it again.

We buried him at the bottom of the garden near where I had planted a rambling rose a few years earlier. This morning I noticed that it is in full bloom.
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toddslife June 09, 2018

nice photos

Marg June 10, 2018

Oh that video is wonderful - brought tears to my eyes - my dog, Trooper, was a black lab and watching this brought back so many memories for me!
So sorry you've had such bad migraines lately - that's not good.
it must be so scary when you have memory lapses like that when you're the one everyone relies on😕

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