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  • May 16, 2018, 3:11 a.m.
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A few moths ago I went shit crazy on him. I know the instant it happened and i couldn’t stop myself....

He had made me upset. I honestly don’t remember what about. I just remember him ignoring the fact that i was upset. I remember him seeing me and making the face “ok she’s upset.” ANd instead of asking me what was wrong or to talk .. he ignored it… more than that he went to sleep.

I was boiling . I didn’t know what to do with the emotions. I clinched my hands. I digged my nails into my palms. I bit my lips. I grabbed his phone and looked at it.... but just couldn’t…Then I just couldn’t take his SLEEP.

I got on top of him and squeezed his cheeks like he was a toddler who wasn’t listening. Then i rolled over to my side. It happened so fast.

As soon as i did it immediately regretted it. He woke up with a “what the fuck ” face and then he turned around and proceeded to ignore me.

That’s when i burst to tears trying not to be loud so the kids wouldn’t here.

After I asked why does he ignore the fact I’m upset. Why cant he talk to me… we talked then.

He asked “why don’t I talk during the day?”

hmm when? I want privacy … and at night when the kids are asleep is the only time i can put my thoughts together. Myself together

he confessed when i did the shit crazy thing, he thought to himself “I’m done”

…That easily he’s done....

but we talked now we are better… until we aren’t again.

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