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  • March 20, 2017, 1:31 p.m.
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It’s 11:20 and at the beginning of today I felt like there was no way I was going to accomplish anything significant. I woke at 4 and only recall trying to math with time between then at 5… then I had to pee bad enough that I got up anyway. Laid back down and played games on my phone until 5:50. I rushed around a few moments because I wanted to run down to Food Lion to pick up a couple things to make Rocky dinner. Got back fixed coffee… folded cloths (hung them we still don’t have any type of dresser). Dinner (my breakfast) was ready as soon as Rocky came in. We ate and I told him what I hoped to get done today and about a current fear gnawing at my productivity.

I had mono once in high school. I had a rather bad case and was out of school for 6 weeks. It usually lasts 3 days to 4 weeks. You never get rid of it and if all the wrong stressors are stressed it can return. I have been abnormally tired. Then not able to stay asleep last week.... just not sure what I’ll manage to do this week. I could have easily fallen asleep at work this weekend had I stopped for 2 seconds. Really the only way to cause it to become dormant is to sleep it off and drink plenty of fluids.... like everything else. I don’t sleep, I have obligations and things I want to get done. I’m unsure if it’s active now but I will know soon. It took falling asleep at lunch and in French class for me to get checked the first time and knowing what I do now getting checked will be pointless.... just sleep and eventually feel better

Marco came over last night for a bit. Him and his husband are fighting. I don’t know if they will make it through this together. Marco is a dramatic person and impatient. Justin, his husband, is lazy. We talked about behavioral medical issues. Justin may be suffering from depression and Marco may be bipolar. Justin has suggested that Marco go talk to someone … I would suggest the same for them both. I offered him a room for the night and though he had a bunch of stuff in his car he also had Justin’s car keys so he decided he was going home.

I dug a trench around the one stump that we need to remove first (it has pointy bits that Rocky fears will put a hole in a tire). I found a root and dug around it then got the chain and the SUV keys. Rocky came out and did the pulling… broke the root so he dug out another one. With much effort that one broke too. I suggested that we burn it out. Rocky made a couple phone calls and laugh at me if you must but I was completely unaware that you could instantly get a burn permit. I seriously thought it was one of those fill out a form wait 2 weeks type things. We ran back out to get some gas for an accelerant and have been working on burning the stump down since.

In the morning, rain permitting, we intend on trying to pull these bushes out. There are 6 bushes near the fence and 3 more near the house that we would like to pull. I hope they don’t all just snap under the weight of the ground??? I’m gonna make meatloaf in muffin cups and we are going to head to Lowe’s to get the rest of the things I wanted for the tree/yard. Rocky is out watering the fire now. Looks like the first time we would have needed to rent a tool has been avoided. A stump grinder at Lowe’s rents for 100 bucks a day. Burn permits don’t cost anything and I think Rocky went overboard with 4 bucks in gas. I’m gonna take some before shots of our yard in the morning. Hope to have some after shots to go with it a couple hours later.

Gonna go cover the ash.... then I think I’m gonna take a nap.

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