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  • Dec. 29, 2016, 10:06 a.m.
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I can’t imagine this will take long.

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One of the jokes that Wife and I have been making this last quarter of the year comes from MIB2: <iframe width="560" height="315" src="

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Our year has been downright God-awful. For many others, it has been downright God-awful. And despite what many in the mass media are saying… the Celebrity Deaths of the year aren’t “equal to previous years; we simply care more because of social media.” I can count the truly impactful celebrity deaths prior to 2016. Jim Henson’s death was a punch in the gut. Losing Fred Rogers sucked but wasn’t unexpected. Michael Jackson’s death was devastating. Robin Williams death was almost too much to take. And while this year some celebrity deaths seemed expected (or made sense from a long-term medical issue perspective), like Nancy Reagan and Leonard Cohen (who will be greatly missed)… there are others that were shocking, surprising, and reverberating.
- David Bowie… perhaps one of the most iconic rock stars ever. Ziggy Stardust, The Thin White Duke, The Sovereign, The Goblin King.
- Alan Rickman… the man whose very career was a storybook of perseverance. For an industry that worships youth, Rickman’s “big break” didn’t come until he was 42. As we scramble through life freaking out if we don’t “succeed” before a certain age… Mr. Rickman gave us hope that following our passions and taking risks can be more rewarding than we dare dream.
- Prince… proving that you needn’t be tall or a cartoon version of masculine to ooze sex appeal. After 9/11, I listened to Prince Greatest Hits all afternoon trying to lose myself in songs like “Delirious” and “Little Red Corvette” while finding myself moved by “Purple Rain” and “When Doves Cry.” Not to mention the Scream Dancing we would do in college whenever “Pussy Control” blasted over the speakers.
- Antonin Yelchin… while this one didn’t hit me personally, his age and the suddenness of his demise slammed people. My wife, among them.
- Muhammad Ali… while he had been fighting Parkinsons for a long time.... his death held special significance for many.
- Gary Marshall… much like others who passed this year, Mr. Marshall had lived a long successful life making it beyond his 80th birthday. However, he must still be added to “shock and surprise” lists because of his wide-ranging impact on Cinema and TV. Gary Marshall’s passing is like losing the Captain of the Old Guard… you knew it would happen, but it signifies something greater.
- Gene Wilder… another one who had lived a long successful life making it beyond his 80th birthday. But for me it was more than “Willy Wonka” passing away. Gene Wilder was a graduate of the University of Iowa. He was in the movies that taught me how to laugh. He was all heart with a smile and a brain at no extra charge.
- Leonard Cohen… mentioned earlier; but his musical impact is legendary.
- Florence Henderson… even if you never like Brady Bunch, Mrs. Henderson had made a brilliant comedic name for herself in her later years.
- Alan Thicke: I watched Growing Pains a lot as a kid (until they hired Leo) and even watched Pictionary a Game Show version of the classic party game hosted by Mr. Thicke.
- George Michael
- Carrie Fisher
- Debbie Reynolds.

I’ll admit.. those are not all of the celebrity deaths for the year… simply the ones I thought would impact readers the most. But my list of personal affecting celebrity deaths exploded. It started with only 4 truly heavy deaths. 2016 added Bowie, Rickman, Prince, Gene Wilder, and Carrie Fisher. From 4 to 9. So yeah, mass media… it isn’t because I’ve gotten older and it isn’t because of Social Media. MORE celebrities that were important to me died this year than have died in the past 31 years combined!

While it will certainly be difficult… I, too, will join those that say:
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Considering how much time I spend on Prosebox, I’m not one to bitch but… an hour of work has gone by. 1) Not Surprisingly, most of the DHS staff is out of the office… even though the DHS staff has been shrunk from 3 to 2 (yes, for the whole county). 2) This first hour has been Cecilia (fairly and understandably) bitching about how tough it is communicating with doctors about her husband because the nearest place that can do anything with cancer of any kind is an hour’s drive away. 3) But the DHS employee Cecilia is talking to is monopolizing the conversation by bitching about her absentee co-workers and her problems with getting Dish TV set up at home. Meanwhile… I’m sleepy as hell and… even though I have very little to do today… am having a hard time gearing up to do it. After all, organization and phone calls to irate people aren’t exactly the most fun work… especially when you don’t care f the county you are working for suffers from a nuclear catastrophe.

Not sure which soundtrack song is more appropriate right now:
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Pretend Mulling December 29, 2016

I agree. The celebrities we lost this year were truly iconic, and most were fairly young. (To me, 69 is nothing like "old".)

Also, I love that last pic.

Always Laughing December 29, 2016

Deleted user December 31, 2016

It's been a sad year in a myriad of ways.

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