My new thing in Bittersweet

  • April 2, 2024, 8:26 p.m.
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I finally got some baby birbies again.
They are just over 1 year old conures. Not related. Male and female. Conures dont bond as much with one person as they do with LOTS of people/ their flock
They dont have names yet.
alt text

Small Town Girl April 02, 2024

Omg! The one on the left looks so similar to the one my best childhood friend has! A pineapple coloring she said? Interesting. Hers is definitely bonded to her and her alone. Tolerates her husband. Gets jealous of her husband. Mayne because she only has the one and she is it'd mate?

ChainedChrysalis Small Town Girl ⋅ April 03, 2024

idk. My boss said her female hates men, But over all that isnt the common reaction.
He is a maroon belly
and she is a yellow sided green cheek. Pineapples are much lighter over all.
Im waiting for the bonds to come haha. Hes sitting on top of th cage chittering at me, shes inside chatting away.

Jinn 4 days ago

I love my sun conure but he is not friendly or very tame . He is with us all the time and is a real character .

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