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  • March 22, 2024, 11:17 p.m.
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The terrorist attack in Moscow. over 60 dead so far with those wounded some will die too. I saw a videos of the attackers it was insane. to be standing in a cluster of people and then someone shoots all of you. how can anybody be so cold blooded to kill so many? How many will have burned in the fire? Of course, all the conjecture now about who they were or who set them up to do it. Isis it said to have taken credit for it, but that does not sound right because I don’t think Isis really gives a shit about Russia. But they were very good at killing. Many want to blame Ukraine for it, but that just doesn’t sound like Ukraine’s style to kill innocent civilians. That’s more like Russia’s style. Another guess is that it’s a false flag created by the FSB. Sure just go on Kelly your own people that doesn’t make sense either, but who knows. I hope a friend of mine in Moscow wasn’t at that concert. A friend of mine from St. Petersburg Russia is showing some of her artwork in Italy and France at this time. She told me weeks ago that she finds it very hard to sleep at all where she lives. Tonight before news of the attack, she told me she’s been averaging nine hours of sleep at night in the Little Village she is visiting now. No drones bombing people in Italy. I will not make my own guess about who did the mass killing. It is amazing that there were people with automatic rifles firing, and some stupid people were seen with their cell phones out as they were firing at them in their direction. If you are being shot at be sure to pull your cell phone out to record it. In case of emergency, always pull your cell phone out to record something. I’m bleeding to death. I had better record this on my phone! Idiocy.

I felt very tired today and I’m wondering if there’s something wrong with my body if I’m sick or something or just depressed without truly knowing it. My oldest brother called me today and instead of my usual jocular self I was very serious and logical. I think he called because he was lonely and bored and I usually make him laugh quite a bit. Sorry Jeff I’m boring as hell. No gossip, no drama and I love it that way. Some people tried to throw insults at me Reddit and I just came back with a matter of fact, joke, and one of the comments seems to have been removed because it was so inflammatory and insulting, but I just laughed it off. I look at the insults from people, and I try to guess their age. I’m hoping that people around my age just shut the fuck up and don’t comment in a shit manner. But kids will be kids. I am realizing what a boring person I am but also fuck it. That’s OK. I think back on my life at times and all the little scandals and things that meant so much but they didn’t mean a damn thing. Funny, as it is to me I still feel some mild irritation for the last blowup. My former boss did on me at the factory. The joke is, I can hardly remember what it was all about because you see it meant so damn much. But did not. Like so much in life. So many things that were hurtful that worried me that made me angry or things I cannot remember because you see they meant so much I forgot them. I do wish I had had the wisdom in my youth that when someone started to try to provoke me, I would have just shut up and not fed them their anger. Once you show, you don’t give a fuck it helps a lot.

Mr. Mofo March 23, 2024

My first thought was, Isis, the fuck? Maybe it has to do with Syria? My vote is depression. People with or without cameras bring me down.

Scott Mr. Mofo ⋅ March 23, 2024

Thank you I think you’re a good dude

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