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  • March 13, 2024, 9:56 a.m.
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I’m the first person to admit that we rely too much on technology. I’m also typically one of the first people to mention how by relying too much on technology, we’ve given technology businesses FAR too much power and allowed them to completely re-write the rules to things like purchasing and owning… which I am most displeased with. But then we have examples like today.
The new system, that I’ve often lamented, does not use a Tower Connected to Monitors. The “tower” is the laptop itself. The laptop plugs into a Data Port. The monitors plug into the Data Port. I can then continue to use my computer as a computer by having large enough monitors to see the details in the Evidence Videos and have a full size keyboard with which to write. I started my work day today and… nothing I do is getting those monitors to work. It feels foolish because I’m requesting, essentially, that I.T. comes down here to help me turn my monitors on. But… I’ve cycled through the inputs and they continue to say “No Signal.” Data Port is on, laptop is on… the monitors should be receiving a signal. I go through Display Settings and the internal computer bits don’t recognize any additional displays. I have done literally nothing to this system since last night, when it was working. So, in order to get my work done… I need IT to come help me get my monitors working.
BUT they may be awhile. Because our phone systems are down. This is… woof. In the Before Times, a phone system would be down because a phone cable was down or out and you would call a phone company to fix it. But it is the Now Times. The entire Courthouse and Jail and Sheriff’s Office (because all three on the same system) cannot make outgoing calls and cannot receive incoming calls. This is far from the first time we’ve had that issue. And as an issue that seems… significant? Like… the Jail absolutely needs to be able to make outgoing calls! The Sheriff’s Office absolutely needs to be able to take incoming calls! The Courthouse? Honestly- we need phones but compared to the previous two examples- it is a far less pressing matter.

Meanwhile, the deck looks like it will be finished by the end of the week (if not sooner) weather permitting. Last night was a night I couldn’t trust Nala back there as the stairs are built, the deck is built, but there are no railings of any kind. And considering part of this repair build was to remove the number of spots on the deck for her to think, “Maybe I can just jump down” I wasn’t going to risk it. Of course, to do the deck, my backyard is ripped to shit. Like the Pool Graveyard was always bad, but it was centrally located and contained. The “sand, dirt, mud, no grass or plants” has now spread far beyond that to cover at least a solid half of the backyard. But my hope is that the deck is “small mammal safe” by the end of today. The Yard Crew said they would come back to fix the yard around mid-April when the plants and materials were more available. I’ll admit… with how MUCH is broken in this house… I’m not exactly thrilled with wiping out most of my savings fixing the deck/yard. But that had absolutely reached a point of physical safety issues so it was necessary. Genuinely, as soon as the Deck Guys finish up, I will need to contact a plumber. It would be nice to use my 3rd bathroom again and I have a feeling that Yard People will need a working water supply that doesn’t flood my basement. And this is just… the big important visual things. It doesn’t even cover things like “Smashed Sconce Brilliantly hidden and impossible to change out” or “Garage Door Not Functioning.” So… I think… really.... my next list of phone calls and services needs to be
- Plumber
- Garage Door Repair/Replace
- Fiber Optic Cable
- Cancel Regular Cable
If I can get those things done by April 26, that will be good. I’ve been in this house for almost two years. It upsets me that I’m not at “Finished Unpacking” or even at “Hung Up Artwork” but… that kind of thing was easier when Nancy was around and not working, obviously. I don’t have all day to dedicate to house things. But getting the house much closer to FULLY FUNCTIONAL would be a nice thing to manage before I turn 40.

Pretend Mulling March 13, 2024

Ain't that the way home ownership goes, though. My parents just got their house re-roofed, and they've been living there since 2007.

Park Row Fallout Pretend Mulling ⋅ March 13, 2024

100% A house is like a body... falling apart, breaking down, in need of constant repair or maintenance. lol

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