TL February 04, 2024

I wish I had the attention span to get through these! We could probably have some pretty good conversations.

Raphael Tiriel TL ⋅ February 06, 2024

If nothing else, read my novels because my novels will go into more detail than what YouTube and social media will allow me. And my protagonists are the characters that I portray on social media. If you gotta go through it little by little that is cool too. I leave everything up to you--it is your choice and the information is there. I'm open to conversation too.

TL Raphael Tiriel ⋅ February 08, 2024

Where these novels at? I’ll consider it

Raphael Tiriel TL ⋅ February 13, 2024

The first one will come out later this year. I've been very busy. I just completed a doctorate and going through my dissertation on YouTube. I'm in a workshop to write a peer-reviewed paper. I'm in a reading with individuals with my novel to ensure the story is good and corrections are made. My goal is Spring/Summer, and I feel my novel will be read by June/July. I hope sooner than that. Until then, my YouTube and social media detail things that are either in the novel or will be in a future novel.

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