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  • Jan. 28, 2024, 2:56 p.m.
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Some guy was giving me the creeps at the gym this morning. I was using the cable machine and he was just off in the corner starring at me. Maybe he’s zoned out and doesn’t realize. I figured. I gave him the benefit of the doubt but he kept needing to be near me after that. It could have been a coincidence but I didn’t feel like being trafficked today so I left. I only wanted to put in an hour anyway, I had brunch with the girls.

The gym session I had yesterday, I was using the cable machine and every single bitch needed to come take accessories from my machine. I left annoyed then too. The gym is busier than usual but it is January.

I am going back this evening because I do not love myself. I’m meeting up with Alex and Bruce. They don’t seem to go unless I drag them out. I’ll just do legs/core. Today was back/biceps/shoulders and yesterday was chest/biceps/shoulders. Wednesday was the boxing gym with my roommate which I actually really enjoyed and want to do again.

The plan this afternoon was to do laps at the pool before my sister and her kids join me. There is an indoor splash pad for them. She had a meat order today and needed to stay home and pack it. I don’t know what that means or why it takes all day I should say. She was just telling me how badly she needed to get out of the house. Whatever. I was going to just go, I still might. I need a nap first. I am very sore. I switched to doing supersets. Basically you train to failure and then start counting. Just do what you can until it adds up to 20 reps. Lift very heavy. I always skip cardio so I figured I would try swimming laps instead, see if I like it.

My lower back and I have not been friends. I keep trying to book an appointment with the osteopath/RMT by my place but it’s mission impossible.

I have been feeling flustered about my spending again. I spent over $100 on takeout and dinning out in this week. To console myself I splurged on Amazon. I bought things that make sense butt… I also bought some adult toys. Oops.

I haven’t stopped to process anything internally. Just been on autopilot. I feel half inspired to make content for my socials that I always talk about but my roommate is home which never happens. I feel like I have something eating away at me but I don’t know what it is. Maybe I’m just in a rut? Maybe I need a makeover? Maybe I need to get laid? I feel like I am just waiting for something but I don’t know what. Well, I feel like I am waiting to drop to part-time at work so I can have time for my side projects. Do some side hustles. Have some days where I am not tired of being tired.

Anyway, Alex and Bruce want to use the amenities at the gym and because I reminded them that their staffing hours are only until 4, they want to go right now lol. So much for my nap. It’s all g. I gotta meal prep when I get back. That’s the reason I been eating takeout. I didn’t meal prep because I was studying for my exam. I’m just taking it easy this week because I get to. Next week, I will get my life right lol.

idgaf_whatevs January 28, 2024

That guy and these people bugging you on the equipment, they have got to fuck the hell off. CREEPY! Listen, I can take gory horror films but when it comes to ppl just gawking at me? NO TYVM. And yes, this is your Leo in Mars friend Sammy, the overdramatic one?? Ya.

TL idgaf_whatevs ⋅ January 30, 2024

lol I’m here for the drama

idgaf_whatevs TL ⋅ January 30, 2024


KissOfLife! January 30, 2024

Yay for gym-lyfe! Don't forget yoyr triceps exist too, Tommy :D Gotta build those guns, since our countries aren't obsessed with em like your neighbouring one is :P
Also, since you're already at gym, strengthen your lower back - rows, russian twists, deadbugs and side-planks are all your friend. Trust me, after my lower back issues they've been a life-saver.

Glad you weren't traffic'e lol. I'da been staring at you like a creep too :P I kid, I kid.

TL KissOfLife! ⋅ January 30, 2024

Definitely will take your advice then. My lower back has been killing me. I need a massage real bad 😭

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