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  • Jan. 27, 2024, 2 p.m.
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Lenstar brought up something that happened in my city on Christmas day that I wasn’t following and it has been haunting me ever since. A woman was arrested at a hotel for wielding a knife. A drunk native wielding a knife, just business as usual. Is basically what the news and police are saying. Somebody recorded what happened from the lobby and the official story is a complete lie. The woman came out of the basement with her hands zip-tied behind her back. She was screaming for help. She mentioned something about her friends being taken. There were men, who were not police or security, that wouldn’t let her leave. They were trying to drag her back to the basement until they saw someone recording. One of them was zipping up his pants. This woman was absolutely terrified.

I brought this up at work and we watched the footage. It was wild to witness Cathy experience cognitive dissonance. Her generation is broken. They are jacked up and busted and in the way. She couldn’t wrap her head around it because the news didn’t match what her eyes were seeing. She kept trying to make what she was witnessing match the story but she couldn’t. She went off to the corner and just stared into space with her eyes blinking rapidly. I think she experienced a short circuit. The news is Bible. It is the holy word of authority. Our overlords would never tell us a lie.

Alex works for a non-profit and her program works with indigenous families with missing and murdered family members. When First Nations people come to the city they are the most vulnerable. I interviewed for a position at that non-profit but didn’t get it. I might try again. I would have sponsored families of First Nations people who moved to the city. The big idea is to be a positive role model for the youth. We would have done plenty of activities and workshops which are all about restoring the sacred. Restoring the culture and language that was taken from us. I would have helped them find work or housing or set them up with any all resources that they need.

Alex, Bruce and I went to my roommate’s boxing gym on Wednesday. She was teaching her first class. I was a little anxious about it because it was way out of my comfort zone. They pulled all us noobs aside to teach us the basics before we joined the rest of the class. It was actually pretty fun. If it wasn’t too expensive I would sign up. I also don’t really have the time.

I am trying to enjoy my little breather between semesters. I think I will start to study for my physics class next week. It’s the one I am most nervous about.

Something else that I am nervous about is dropping to part-time next month. I was part-time for the first 2 years and I was making enough but then they dropped us to 4 hours a week and I am still traumatized by that. Part-timers on my team, at the location I transferred to, actually get shifts. My supervisor keeps telling me that I don’t have to worry about my hours. I actually rejected the first employment letter they gave me because they tried to get me to agree to the starting wage. It was just an oversight, thankfully. We just got our original HR back and the one who was filling in for her wrote my letter.

My plate is empty today so I don’t know what I’m going to do. I’m going straight to the gym after this entry, of course. I want to go to the public swimming pool this afternoon as well. I think I want to try swimming as my cardio. The locker room situation has me feeling nervous. I have never liked the idea of changing around other people, I’ll make it work. I don’t know how I will make it through there with my eyes closed, lol. Tomorrow I am going there again and meeting up with my sister who is bringing her kids. They have an indoor splash pad. Should be fun. They also have a sauna that I am interested in.

While I was shaving in front of my mirror I noticed how different my body looks. It’s subtle and not a big deal to most people but I was like… where did that come from? I’ve always been impossibly thin so now that I am seeing excess anything, anywhere, I notice it. I am trying to gain weight and it’s slowly working, it’s just neat to me. I’m a plus-sized person now, lol. I’m not. It’s mostly all muscle.

Mr. Mofo January 27, 2024

Is Lenstar a person or thing?
You should try again for that non profit position.

TL Mr. Mofo ⋅ January 27, 2024

Nickname for my friend

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