I will keep saying/screaming it until I'm blue in the face: IF A JOB CAN BE WORKED REMOTELY, LET YOUR EMPLOYEES WORK REMOTELY. There is no job on this planet worth potentially getting into a major accident because of this anti-remote work mentality. (Read: A bunch of middle managers and C-suites realized that remote work makes people happy and increases their work-life balance, so they started pushing this "remote work leads to reduced teamwork/creativity/productivity!" BS so they can keep people miserable and overworked, instead of looking into the real reasons people might be miserable and non-productive/not creative at work, i.e. minimal work-life balance, being burnt out, not being paid enough, not getting basic benefits like PTO (and getting screamed at when they try to use PTO), and not feeling like their contributions matter, among other things.)

It's bizarre to me that even the GOP in Iowa wouldn't insist on earmarking money specifically for blizzards and other winter weather, or even closing government offices if the roads are dangerous. Like, that's pretty standard, Midwestern winter weather, it shouldn't surprise anyone when it happens.