Why I Can't Move Yet in Me Being Me

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  • March 16, 2023, 7 a.m.
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People have said that I need to move. And they are right but with the prices of rent orwhere I want to live I just can’t afford it. And we need at least a two bedroom place but a three bederoom would be better so the rent can be divided by three.
This is what I found for places for rent in my city and then you will see why I can’t move.


Rent is like this all over B.C. so it wouldn’t matter where I lived and I still can’t afford to move.
This place where I am would be good for a lot more years but things need to get fixed so eventually I will be moving.

I need to appologize to you all because of my complaining and not doing anything about it I just want to say I am sorry but I don’t know any other way to try to get things fixed and I write about how I am feeling and try to figure out a way to get better and to forget. But the thing is when I dio ask questions of how you would do things I get no answers so I am left doing all the leg work myself and trying to figure out the best way to get things fixed. But it’s hard when the person fixing it only does a bandaid type of job and things break again. So you can see the frustrations I have just knowing things are not fixed right.
I really need to stop complaining and accept the fact that the person who fixes things around here is an idiot and cheap. And go on with my day.

Onto something else…

I talked to my son yesterday and asked him what he wants for his birthday dinner and he said steak and perogies and carrots so I will do that. I am really looking forward for him to come and spend some time here. It’s never enough but I take what I can get. I wish he could live here then the rent would be something he can actually afford. And I know according to the law he can live here if he pays his share of the rent. I don’t understand why the landlady won’t let him. But when I do move I will be looking for a three bedroom so he can move with us.

Onto something else....

Dinner tonight will be pork chops and rice and some sort of vegetable.
and the rest of the day I will do whatever domestic work I have that I didn’t do yesterday plus I have some birthday gifts to wrap.
Other then that not much…
I will stop here…
Do Have a great day…
Be Kind, Be Calm, Be Safe and Behave.

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Anaiss 5 days ago

Apartments in my area are that expensive and more. Especially the newer building (and they're building like crazy), you can pay $5,000 for a one bedroom. But I do concede you are looking at high rents so I understand. I'm very surprised at the limited number of available apartments. There are dozens and dozens here. I really feel for people who are priced out of a good lifestyle.

Jodie Anaiss ⋅ 5 days ago

The provincial governemnt said that they are looking to have more rent control. Like right now rent can only go up 2% so that isn't too bad..But for people like me that is still too much. But then things do get fixed in a more timely manner. I keep telling the landlady that but for some reason she won't raise the rent but instead complain how she can't affor the major fixets. I think she needs to manage her moiney better and not go on road trips or buy puppies or buy new/used cars and trucks andget solor panals and replace things in her home just because she is tired of them.

theKat 5 days ago

prices are very similar to my area too. it is actually cheaper to buy than to throw your money away to rent

Jodie theKat ⋅ 5 days ago

I know but it would take me a lot longer to save that million because I don't get that much on a monthly bases and I usually have nothing left over....so it's a catch 22

theKat Jodie ⋅ 4 days ago

true... it is something you should have done or tried to do 35 years ago

❤️vee 5 days ago

I've heard that rental prices are outrageous in Canada, especially in British Columbia

Jodie ❤️vee ⋅ 5 days ago

They are and maybe if there are any it's in places like the Kootneys.

toddslife 4 days ago

agree prices of rent is so high everywhere no one Can a ford to move I like to move as I have a jerk for a landlord to I pay $ 770 00 a much and most places know is over $ 1000.00

Jodie toddslife ⋅ 4 days ago

Do you think the Ontairo governemnt will do the same as the B.C. governemnt and make rent controll a thing so people can afford to live?

toddslife Jodie ⋅ 4 days ago

Hope so but don't thank thay will

Jodie toddslife ⋅ 4 days ago

has the provincial governement put a cap on rent increases? Like here it's 2% a year so far.

Asenath Waite 23 hours ago

I realize that the US is a dumpster fire, and this is probably completely unhelpful, but you could rent a three bedroom house in northern Idaho or Washington for about the same price as those apartments.

Examples: https://www.zillow.com/homedetails/160-Westwood-Dr-Moyie-Springs-ID-83845/104631070_zpid/


Jodie Asenath Waite ⋅ 6 hours ago

except the process for leagal immigration will take years and right now the way the USA is and Trump wanting to be president is not something I would be happy with...but thanks for the suggestion.

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